Everything you know about Wonka, the movie with Timothée Chalamet

The film It is still in its early stages, but the image started the buzz and promotion. Therefore, we tell you everything that is known, which is not much yet, but it is juicy.

What is the new movie about Wonka?

Although no official synopsis revealed, nor has anything been said by the Warner Bros production company, the possible premise is already known.

Chalamet is characterized as a young Willy Wonka, protagonist of the story Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, a children’s book by writer Roald Dahl that was published in 1964.

That book has been brought to the screen several times. First, in the 1971 classic, in which the great Gene Wilder gave life to Wonka. Then it was Tim Burton and Johnny Depp’s turn (you’ll never see one without the other), but Wonka, the movie, is not going to tell the same story again.

Apparently, as if it were the first part of a superhero saga, Wonka will be a origin storyexploring Willy Wonka’s beginnings and how he came to be who he is, a famous and eccentric candy maker. These include, of course, the famous chocolate with which he could be seen during a premier of Dune.

Although it is not known what specific direction the script will take, it is set in the days before owning the famous candy factory. Similarly, some rumors suggest that Tim Burton’s movie may give a hint and Wonka’s relationship with his father will be deepened. This seemed to be a major factor in how the protagonist came to be who he is.

So that, Wonka it will reveal what the movies and the original book leave in the air. Who is it really? Why this enigmatic character? How did he get to the factory that was rumored he hadn’t left in years?

In Tim Burton’s version, Wonka only thinks of sweets and occasionally things that happened a long time ago, but is unable to speak about.

Hopefully Wonka reveal everything Johnny Depp remembered.

When is Wonka released?

Although it is in the early stages of production, there is already an official due date: March 17, 2023.

Of course, seeing the dance of recent years in terms of movie premieres, we do not assure that it is written in stone, but that is the intention, so there is still a while.

What kind of movie will Wonka be?

Action, suspense, comedy, all of that together? Well, the truth is that it is not known exactly, but it seems that Timothée Chalamet is incapable of doing something wrong, so, with all certainty, we are going to see him in an unprecedented facet until now.

It is almost certain that will sing and dance, as the film will have musical and variety scenes throughout his footage. If they will be anecdotal or the film will be a full-blown musical in the style La, la, land or The Miserables it is something we will know soon.

According to reliable sources such as Variety, Warner Bros is pointing in that direction.

Who is in Wonka?

Chalamet is not the only star of the casting, even if it seems ubiquitous. Accompanying him, very fashionable actresses have been confirmed, such as the veteran Olivia Colman, famous for giving life to a Queen Elizabeth II middle-aged in The Crown.

Besides that, Rowan atkison, better known for Mr. BEAN or Black Adder and, to a lesser extent, the films of Johnny english, where he parodies James Bond.

Along with them, the actors Tom Davis and Matt Lucas, also a comedian. These have also been caught on the set, in other photos that have been leaked of it.

Who is the director of Wonka?

Paul King, British writer and director, is at the controls of the film.

To his credit, others films What Paddington and Paddington 2The famous teddy bear films that were well received, at least by critics.

Although he does not have many degrees or experience under his belt, there is confidence that he is the right one. In fact, when I’m done directing Wonka, plans to get behind the scenes again in Meet the beatles, a project about the most famous musical group in history.

Where is Wonka’s movie being filmed?

The secrecy is maintained and, without a doubt, there will be many filming locations that we will get to know little by little.

However, we can tell you that those photos stolen like the one you’ve seen before belong to a film set located in Lyme Regis, a town located in the South of England.

Similarly, another snapshot of the filming of Wonka, in this case a night scene shot in Bath Abbey, another town in England.

It is undeniable that the filming of Wonka: The Movie It goes like a shot and rumors happen.

In addition, Chalamet is the actor in fashion, you find yourself even in the soup and turns everything he touches into gold (as shown, Dune). Now, it only remains to wait and whet your appetite with the constant trickle of news that is emerging about the project.

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