Far Cry 6 sets the stage for a “revolution” in Ubisoft games

After several delays to reach the hands of all the players, on October 6 it was released Far Cry 6, the new installment of the successful saga of Ubisoft, and that we can not only say that it was worth the wait, but that it is also a great game in which the user can feel part of a revolution.

If you had the opportunity to play a title in the saga before, you will know in advance that you will be in charge of ending a quite cruel leader and with ideas so crazy that they seem taken from the mind of a madman, but in Far Cry 6 Everything indicates that the villain is the cherry of the pastes, because the more the story is known, the more captivated you can become by the intentions and actions of the dictator Antón Castillo, who is interpreted neither more nor less than by Giancarlo Esposito (Gus Fring, in the series Breaking Bad).


The dictator Anton Castillo governs the destinies of all the inhabitants of Yara, located on an island in Latin America, who is preparing his son Diego to follow in his footsteps and keep alive the dictatorship that began in 1967.

Under a well-armed and synchronized government, Castillo produces viviro, a substance that grows in tobacco fields, and which he “sells” as a remedy to cure cancer. However, those who are dedicated to the cultivation of this plant are some of the inhabitants, but also the political enemies of the dictator, who enslaves and keeps “prisoners” within the island.

A group of guerrillas will be in charge of ending this legacy, for which there will be dozens of human losses, but all with the only objective: to eliminate Anton Castillo.

Differences with other Far Cry

What you should know if you have not yet acquired this wonderful title is that it will give you hundreds of hours of gameplay, making it the longest in the saga, so far. There are memorable moments and endearing characters that will spice up the dialogues and complement the entire revolution that occurs in front of the player, whose protagonist is Dani Rojas, whose sex can be chosen from the beginning, and, we clarify, that will not change the course of the game at all. the history.

But what is the difference of this Far cry with the rest? For starters, the story is intense, at times complex, human, rational, and even fascinating, so before you know it you’ll have played more than four or five hours at a stretch. In addition, the team of Ubisoft added something we’ve seen in other titles –Watch Dogs: Legion or Assassin’s Creed– from the French company: put together a team to lead the rebellion, but based on your skills.

In addition, they rescued some of the characteristics of their old deliveries, such as Far Cry Primal, since in this sixth title of the saga the protagonist has the support of the three most loyal, fun and charismatic recruits: the “Handsome” crocodile, the “Chorizo” dog or the “Chicharrón” rooster. These recruits will not be decisive in a moment of combat, but their proper use can provide an advantage during a firefight, especially when Dani is surrounded.

Assorted weaponry

One of the most transcendental recruits in history is Juan Cortez, who not only becomes friends with Dani, he also teaches him to modify weapons, vehicles and even teaches him some life lessons, such as “using the right tool for the right job. “, a phrase that will end up saving the life of the protagonist on more than one occasion.

This is when Dani’s true abilities shine, because having been in the army allows the veteran to know how to handle different weapons, knives, vehicles and even modify his arsenal and automobiles only with metal, garbage, screws and other objects that he player will find along the way.

In the same way, Dani will be able to pilot helicopters, parachute, drive trucks and even handle explosives, the latter will be one of the most fun and crazy weapons to use, because although most of the missions go in stealth, when you must Face dozens of soldiers you can use Molotov cocktails, which will fill everything with lights and chaos.

Stories within history

Something entertaining and remarkable about Far Cry 6 are those small and not so small submissions, which, according to the genres, this sixth installment of the saga is a “sandbox”, which means that the player can miss the main objective to fully develop the branches that are inside of history.

Most of these missions aim to help other characters who are around the revolution in Yara, but who deliver substantial rewards, ranging from tools to improve weapons, weapons and even tactical equipment, with which the revolution against Anton Castillo will be a little less complicated.

Within the game there is the opportunity to perform some crazy and fun actions, ranging from parachuting to setting fire to enemies and letting it cause a fire in the plantations of the viviro, which can be a bit cruel.

Similar to reality

On more than one occasion the developers have said that Far Cry 6 It has nothing to do with the political situation in Cuba, despite the enormous resemblance it has. However, the team was inspired by this country for the creation of the video game.

Even, Navid Khavari, narrative director of the video game, explained that he spent about a month researching and talking with the inhabitants of the island, to the extent that he fell in love with the culture and history of Cuba.

This was very well captured in the video game, because you can see the architecture, for example, when you have to travel to the capital, Esperanza, it looks very similar to Havana, but it can also be noticed in vehicles and even in music, which the user can enjoy the moment they start to operate a car.

The tours on foot, on horseback, by car and even by helicopter will simply allow the player to enjoy the architecture, the jungle and even some animals that are found.


The graphics are optimal and very well worked, but there are some bugs and at times you can see lines or the character “goes through” rocks and trees, but they are minor details that do not affect the gameplay at all.

On the other hand, there are missions so complicated that they end up frustrating the player, but that is not the worst, because the rewards end up being less than what they should be.

Although after an explosive start and spending the first hours improving weapons and preparing for the revolution, there are very simple objectives that are even boring.

Now, if you are one of those who likes to discover 100 percent of the game, we assure you that you will spend many hours exploring, improving and shooting, so your investment in Far Cry 6 You will take it out for weeks.

One of the best characters in the whole game is Antón Castillo, who although he is bad to the core, he is not an empty evil, although he is not justified, he is simply a complex, intelligent and cruel being, who can be admired, but at the same time that need will arise to want to overthrow and avenge all comrades fallen in battle.


Far Cry 6 It is a great title that will provide hours of fun for the players, it does not matter that you are new to the saga, because everything is very intuitive and as there is no sequence between the previous installments it feels like a new game, something that you start from scratch .

We dare to say that this sixth installment of the saga has a complete and round story, in addition to the fact that the villain Anton Castillo is formidable, as we have already mentioned repeatedly.

At times, connoisseurs of the saga will feel that it is very similar to the previous installments, but the small differences make this title one of the best, so you only have to go away and lead the revolution in Yara.

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