From Madrid to Barcelona and Valencia: Spanish startups turn to Ukraine

Is there something else exciting to notice the wave of solidarity when misfortunes happen? This is practically the only positive we can take from the war in Ukraine. the feeling of want to help runs through, from north to south and from east to west, our country. Thus, individuals, large companies and SMEs have started to contribute “their grain of sand” and help the Ukrainian people.

We echo a handful of initiativesfrom Spanish startups, but we know that there are thousands of them throughout Spain.

Trucksters collaborates with the Red Cross in sending trucks with help

The Spanish technological transport operator based on truck relays collaborates with the Spanish Red Cross humanitarian organization to move several trucks with essential humanitarian aid. The trucks are loaded with blankets, tents and cooking kits intended for refugees from Ukraine who have had to flee because of the war.

The journey takes place between Madrid and the Hungarian town of Debrecen, through the relay system between drivers, which is currently applied by Trucksters in its European corridors.

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Consultia Business Travel finances a bus to transport Ukrainian refugees to Valencia

The startup specializing in the comprehensive management and advice of business trips has made available to Ukrainian citizens who want to leave the country, a bus that will take them to the Valencian Community. The bus has capacity for about 50 people. The measures agreed last Thursday between Ukraine and Russia for the establishment of humanitarian corridors now facilitate access to Ukraine from the border with Poland, which until a few days ago was impracticable.

The initiative has come from the Valencian businessman Juan Manuel Baixauli, president of Consultia Business Travel, and will be developed jointly with the FundaciĆ³n Juntos por la Vida, from where initiatives are already being led to organize the reception of Ukrainian minors in Valencia. The organization is collecting donations to convert this first displacement of a bus into a continuous line that can bring more people.

Demium seeks to get its female entrepreneurs out of Ukraine from the incubator in Kiev

As reported by Valencia Plaza, the Valencian network of startup incubators has already mobilized to get entrepreneurs from their incubator in Kiev out of Ukraine. Men between the ages of 18 and 60 have been barred from leaving the country by men between the ages of 18 and 60.

Jaime Guillot, director of the Demium office in Valencia, has traveled to its headquarters in Warsaw (Poland) to coordinate the exit strategy from the conflict zone of twenty entrepreneurs and their families.

Catalan startups offer jobs to Ukrainians with an IT profile

As indicated in La Vanguardia, some fifty startups have joined forces during the celebration of the last MWC creating the project #HelpUkraine. It is a social initiative that aims to help IT profiles Ukrainians who have left their country to find job opportunities in Spain.

The program, which does not pursue any economic benefit, is promoted by TalentFy, a platform that unites companies and recruiters, and which goes hand in hand with other companies in the sector. Your CEO, Sant Molins, He says that there is a great desire to help and explains that in his company more than half of the workers have offered to work overtime to fulfill the purposes of the initiative.

The startup has contacted the Bilateral Chamber of Ukraine and Spain and also with Spanish public bodies to facilitate the documentation and contracting processes of these profiles in the country. Something that allows speeding up procedures that on other occasions can be very long-lasting.

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