Galaxy S22: Samsung halves its price after limiting its performance

Following the controversy surrounding the performance restriction of the Galaxy S22, Samsung was forced to considerably reduce the price of its smartphone to avoid seeing the number of its sales drop.

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Samsung has been facing a major controversy over its Galaxy S22 for several weeks now. In effect, the Korean giant had been caught red-handed when users discovered that it intentionally restricted the performance of its smartphones. They therefore did not use all the power offered by their processor.

However, this clamping especially allowed Samsung to make significant savings at the time of manufacture, since it was therefore not necessary to equip them with a very efficient cooling system. The controversy grew to such an extent that Samsung finally issued a public apology and promised that a future update would disable the GoS software responsible for limiting performance.

Samsung drastically reduces the price of its Galaxy S22

According to information from the Korea Times, the controversy has shaken Samsung’s image in South Korea. Galaxy S22 smartphone shipments have started to decline following the revelations, which would have prompted Samsung to take a radical decision to save your sales. Indeed, the Korean giant has finally agreed, in partnership with mobile operators, to increase subsidies for the Galaxy 22.

These now reach 500,000 won (about 376 euros), and therefore now allow consumers tograb the base model of the Galaxy S22 at almost half its original price set at 999,900 won. Fortunately for Samsung, the Galaxy S22s were a real hit when they were launched, which has already allowed it to sell a good number of smartphones without a reduction.

For now, Samsung has only decided to split the price of its Galaxy S22 in South Korea, where the controversy had grown the most. It is therefore not sure that the Korean giant’s smartphones will also see their prices drop so drastically in Europebut the prices are still expected to come down fairly quickly before long, as is often the case a few months after the launch of a new generation of Galaxy S smartphones.

Source: Korea Times

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