PS5: Sony could soon make PS3 game emulation possible

According to journalist Jeff Grubb, Sony is working on a way to emulate PS3 games on the PS5. The rumor has been spreading for several months now, without the manufacturer communicating official information on the subject. Nevertheless, the recent presentation of the new PlayStation Plus offers could speed things up.


Among the many advantages of the PS5, one of the most interesting is undoubtedly its backwards compatibility. In total, 99% of PS4 games are playable natively on the new gen console. A nice score, especially given the PS5 toy library which has struggled to develop since the launch of the latter. Nevertheless, some players are disappointed that the classics of the PS3 have gone by the wayside.

For the time being, the only way to discover some of its titles is to take out a subscription. Playstation Now, which allows streaming access. By June, it will be necessary to switch to the new PlayStation Plus offer, which, according to Sony, should add many console games to the catalog. Nevertheless, still no backward compatibility in sight. Which doesn’t mean that Sony isn’t working on the subject.

Soon a PS3 emulator on the PS5?

This is indeed what journalist Jeff Grubb suggests in his latest YouTube video, which claims that Sony is working on a way toemulate PS3 games on PS5. However, he points out that “It could take some time.” In addition, note that he does not speak here of backward compatibility, but of emulation, which therefore leaves a blur on how Sony intends to give access to the PS3 toy library.

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Although the manufacturer has never communicated officially on the subject, it would seem that the complex architecture of the PS3, in particular its Cell processor, makes console emulation difficult. However, the thing is not impossible, as proven by the excellent RPCS3 on PC. Anyway, this new rumor confirms previous information about it. It could therefore be that we end up hearing about it seriously before long.

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