Google deploys its 5 Gb/s fiber offer in four American cities

Google Fiber markets its 5 Gb/s Internet offer via fiber in the United States. The four elected US cities will benefit from three subscriptions offering connections at 1, 2 or 5 Gb/s respectively. An interesting proposal for certain categories of the population, despite its high price.

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Alphabet finally commercializes Google Fiber, a fiber optic Internet offer under study since 2012. Starting today, select Google Fiber subscribers will be able to choose a 5 Gb/s download and upload at $125 per monthin addition to the 1 and 2 Gb/s subscriptions already offered for respectively $70 and $100 monthly.

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While it is not uncommon in France to take advantage of downstream speeds of up to 8 Gbps, it is not common to enjoy upload speeds as fast as those guaranteed by Google Fiber. When the latter promises a symmetrical speed of 5 Gb/s, the uplink fiber optic flows of French operators in January 2023 rise to 350.39 Mb/s at best (at Free, measured by DegroupTest): in sending, Google’s connection is fourteen times faster.

Google Fiber offers an 8 Gb/s subscription for $125 per month

Google Fiber will be particularly suitable for Internet consumption by large families and other hospitality establishments. A very good upstream speed is all the more important in a country where, according to experts, each household has an average of 16 to 22 connected devices, taking into account smartphones, game consoles, PCs and other smart home appliances. With Zoom conferencing, 32-way WhatsApp video calling, and cloud gaming, high Internet speed demands are ever greater.

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For $125 per month, Google Fiber will guarantee symmetrical 5 Gbps throughput to residents of Salt Lake City, Provo, West Des Moines and Kansas City. For this sum, Alphabet will graciously provide them with a Wifi 6 router and up to 2 Wifi Mesh routers. Google hasn’t announced plans to roll out the program to other locations, but is exploring the possibility of offering it soon. an 8 Gb/s plan.

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