Google loses its lawsuit against Sonos, and must abandon certain features

Google’s smart speakers are going to have to be a little less so. After losing a lawsuit brought by Sonos, the web giant will have to make some concessions.

The ax has just fallen for Google. The web giant has just lost an important lawsuit opposing it to the company Sonos, which has accused it for several months of copying some of its patents. In a new decision which confirms the previous ones, the American International Trade Commission has thus estimated that vsInq patents filed by the audio specialist were today the subject of infringement by Google. Concretely, this could have heavy impacts on the affairs of GAFAM.

Google will have to review its copy

So far, Google’s position has remained unclear on the outcome of this trial. The web giant believed that the judge’s decision would not have “No impact on our ability to import or sell our products”, while stressing that agreements had already been approved concerning the five patents in question. However, the company will have to make concessions, especially software. On existing products, it will not be no longer possible to control a whole group of loudspeakers simultaneously from his phone. Google has indeed said in a statement that would now be necessary “To adjust each speaker individually”.

Despite the judge’s decision, Google was confident about its products, explaining in particular to the site The verge that it had new features approved by the International Trade Commission (ITC). However, Sonos does not seem to hear it that way. The company warned that Google may have to “Degrade or eliminate the functionality of its products” to come into compliance. An announcement confirmed by ITC, which pronounced five redesigns – one for each patent – for the brand’s products. In particular, the Nest Hub and Mini, the Chromecast, but also certain Pixel computers and smartphones are concerned.

For its part, GAFAM now seems ready to keep a low profile. He has 60 days to return to complianceOtherwise, Sonos may initiate additional legal proceedings.

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