Sony A95K QD-OLED TV: these are the secrets of its processor

One of the most anticipated televisions of the year is the Sony A95K, the first QD-OLED Smart TV on the market. Little by little we have been unraveling some of its secrets. And seeing the comparison of this model with respect to the Sony A90J, it is clear that the leap in quality is remarkable.

We have already told you about the camera that will come with this Sony Smart TV. And now we want to show you all the secrets of its silicon heart. And it is that, the processor of the Sony A95K is going to help you enjoy the best visual landscape. Let’s see the reasons.

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This is the impressive processor of the Sony A95K

Sony A95K SoC

The Sony A95K has a silicon heart formed by the new Cognitive ProcessorXR processor which hides some very interesting functions. The first thing to note is the ability of this SoC to offer a wider color palette.

And it is that the new processor is capable of reproducing natural shades and tones that humans find attractive to flood the screen with vivid colors and realistic textures at all brightness levels. To this we must add a cCombination between the new QD-OLED panel and XR OLED Contrast Pro technology, to deliver up to 200% color brightness over a traditional OLED TV.

Sony A95K

Obviously, this information is on paper, so we will have to wait for our review of the A95K to see if it lives up to expectations. Although the Japanese manufacturer does not usually exaggerate at all.

Highlight that The Sony A95K’s XR processor also has the ability to enhance images in the same way the human eye focuses. so you won’t miss a single detail in bright highlights or deep shadows.

To this we must add a system that is responsible for offering a more vivid color range, improving the saturation, tone and brightness of each color displayed with exquisite detail that reveals shadows and subtle differences that are only seen in the real world. .

Content optimized in 4K to enjoy the best image quality

Sony A95K

One of the most important details of the Sony A95K XR processor it has to do with XR 4K Upscaling, a tool that allows you to enjoy 4K-like quality, regardless of the content or source you watch. Cognitive Processor XR™ accesses the data and recreates lost textures and details for real-world images. A perfect way to enhance any movie or series.

Finally, say that XR OLED Motion technology It takes care of avoiding blurring since it is capable of detecting and performing a cross-analysis of the most relevant visual elements in successive frames. And what it does is insert extra frames between the originals for smooth, crisp action.

Without a doubt, this chip can make a difference compared to previous models, offering a notable leap in quality so that the Sony A95K becomes one of the great references when buying a television in 2022.

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