Google optimizes Drive on Android, app works great on Pixel Fold and foldables

Google announced on the company’s blog the arrival of two new Google Drive features that will particularly please owners of foldable smartphones who like to work on their device.

Credit: Google

Google looked into thedrive ergonomics, its productivity suite. The company was particularly interested in the interface of its application when used on a foldable smartphone. This update is not completely disinterested, since the Pixel Fold, the foldable smartphone from the Mountain View company, should be marketed from June 27, in certain countries only. Like most smartphones sporting this form factor, the Fold is a luxury device: it will be sold at the not very competitive price of 1899 €.

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At such a price, many users will rightly want to take full advantage of its large internal 7.6-inch OLED screen to work. Indeed, such a diagonal lends itself well to writing or reading content. The blog states: “You will notice that the menus in the article preview window react intelligently to the position of the foldable device (open, closed or partially open) and adapt accordingly”.

Google changes the interface of Drive on Android to adapt it to foldable smartphones

Similarly, on Android, the documents will be available in paginated mode by default. To view them in infinite scrolling, it will be necessary to adjust the parameters manually. “This configures your Google doc with pages and page breaks in the app,” allowing for a greater visual consistency between the web and mobile versions.

More and more foldable smartphones are appearing on our shelves. Their size and price predestine them for office use. This summer, consumers potentially interested in buying a “foldable” will be able to choose between Google’s Pixel Fold and Samsung’s Galazy Z Flip 5 and Z Fold 5. Google Drive update should be deployed in the next two weeks to all Workspace account holders.

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