Google Will Soon Ask You About the Weather, Here’s Why

While Google Weather will soon adopt the Material You design, the Mountain View firm also plans to rely on user help to improve the weather forecasts of its application.

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Since the launch of Android 12 in 2021 and the introduction of the new Material You design, Google has made sure to gradually integrate this new interface into all of its products and services.

It’s still far from being the case, but Google Phone has received it, just like Gmail, Chrome, Contacts, Calendar or more recently Android Auto. On his side, Google Weather has not yet migrated to Material You. But the thing is in the pipes, as reported by our colleagues from the 9T05Google site.

Google Weather coming soon to Material You

Indeed, the American company is currently working on a new version of the weather widget available on Pixel 7. Currently, the Google Weather interface looks like this: the famous little frog (at the beach, in the rain, etc.), the perceived and actual temperature, and three tabs for obtaining various information for the same day, for tomorrow or for the next ten days.

Via the new version, we will find these tabs in a single windowwith today’s temperature and weather displayed at the top, those for the coming hours in a slightly lower frame, while predictions for the next 10 days will occupy the bottom of the screen.

google weather
The new Google Weather interface / Credits: 9To5Google

Google wants to help users improve weather predictions

As you will have understood, the idea is therefore to group all the information in the same place. But that’s not the only planned addition to Google Weather. always according to 9To5Google, Google intends to appeal to users to improve the results of its weather service.

To do this, the American company intends to ask Google Search users about the weather in their home right now. It’s up to you to simply answer yes or no, with the aim of “to provide feedback on the weather where you are” as the firm says. According to the company, these various returns will allow it to “control the quality of meteorological results and to update the data”. For the moment, we do not yet know when Google will set up this collaborative work in favor of its weather services.

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