Great Trust Gaming GXT keyboard and mouse combos

We first have the kit Trust Gaming GXT 845 Tural Set, which includes a full keyboard and mouse, both with RGB lighting. If you want the whole set, the Trust Gaming GTX 1180RWIn addition to keyboard and mouse, it includes gaming headphones and a mouse pad. Two good sets of peripherals to have it all, saving money.

Trust Gaming GXT 845 Tural Set, keyboard and mouse to enjoy the game

This first peripheral combo includes a keyboard and mouse, ideal for those who want play casually or are introduced in the segment of video games. They are a very economical and complete solution to explore any type of video game.

To start we have a gaming keyboard complete with RGB lighting in three colors and different lighting modes, as well as adjust the brightness level. In addition, this keyboard has a 8-key anti-ghosting. It also has twelve multimedia keys that allow us to control the music or lighting of the keyboard. It also integrates game mode, which blocks the Windows key, so if we press it by mistake, we won’t go to the desktop in the middle of the game.

About him gaming mouse, this has a total of six different buttons intended for different actions. The mouse also has lighting, which varies between several predefined colors. It offers us a speed of between 1000 – 3200 DPI, that we can change according to the needs.

We are talking about a fairly simple combo, designed for those who are new to the world of video games or casual gamers. The keyboard and mouse are quite complete, and the price of this combo is quite tight.

Trust Gaming GTX 1180RW, good quality basic combo

Very interesting option, we do have a family member who is getting started in the world of video games. A very good gift for your son or sober, who will surely love Fortnite. Not much more is needed for him to explore and get started in video games.

Let’s start with the keyboard, which is pretty basic, but complete design. It features backlighting in various preset colors and even has a rainbow effect. Can’t miss the system anti ghosting, which in this case is six simultaneous keys. It also has twelve multimedia keys, to be able to control all aspects.

With respect to mouse, this one also has a fairly basic design, which at the same time is also quite interesting. It has LED lighting in red, which gives it a quite striking appearance. It has six buttons, the design is ambidextrous and the cable is braided, to give it more resistance.

The headphones of this combo are simple cut, but more than enough. Are from headband type with two quite comfortable pads and speakers that sound quite good. They include a microphone with which we can communicate with our fellow players.

Finally, we have a mat 250×210 mm optimized with non-slip base.

This combo is quite simple, but quite good considering its price. It is difficult to find all these peripherals for such a reasonable price. It is certainly a solution for those who have a tight budget or want to play just for fun.

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