HBO Max Hacks: 9 Tips To Maximize Your Experience [For German Users]

Over a short course of time, HBO Max has become one of the widely acclaimed streaming services with a massive number of subscribers. And it is right for the service to hold a place between other big streaming services like Netflix, Amazon Prime, and Hulu. If you are a streaming fanatic, HBO Max is an absolutely vital streaming service that you must have.

The streaming service is loaded with notably substantial archives available on the internet having titles like The Sopranos, Silicon Valley, True Detective, and tons of other programs. It gathers content curated from DC Comics, Turner Classic Movies, Adult Swim, and other WarnerMedia-owned entities.

HBO Max offers a large number of binge-able collections, including its massively popular Max Originals However, this streaming service is geo-blocked in Germany, and the viewers who are looking forward to unblock HBO Max Germany can follow the aforementioned guide to the geo restricted content.

With so much content at your disposal, if you have an HBO Max subscription or planning to get one, or are subscribing to HBO Max, you get the best bang for your buck. And to do that, follow our 9 hacks to maximize your streaming experience.

9 Tips for a Better Experience on HBO Max

HBO Max offers a bevy of features that are unique, so we have given a few tips we think that every HBO Max subscriber should know.

1. Turn on Child Filters

Almost every streaming provider offers some form of parental control, but those reservations are likely most important with regard to HBO. There’s plenty of stuff on the site that kids shouldn’t be seeing, such as Euphoria and Sex and the City.

Choose “Add Kid” after tapping the “Switch Profiles” icon. You may then create a tab that lets you change to a kid-friendlier, softer form of HBO at any time. The children in the family will eventually become acquainted with the many sorts of men that dominate Carrie Bradshaw’s New York, but not right now.

2. Clear Out Your “Continue Watching” Tab

Did you miss the episodes of your favorite show – Mare of Easttown? Are you sick of seeing Kate Winslet’s steely stare in your main screen’s “Continue Watching” window?  Don’t fret over it, users may adjust the “Continue Watching” window to their preference by using the “Edit” button. We know that you were never going to finish the Sopranos rewatch anytime soon.

3. Create a Watchlist and Never Lost Track of Your Most-Wanted Titles

Furthermore, HBO subscribers may use the “Add” (or “+” button on mobile devices) icon to keep track of all the movies and series they’ve been planning to watch. They’ll be housed on the HBO app, so you won’t have to search through the catalog to find something that grabbed your attention.

That is, we want to watch all the quality content that this streaming service has to offer. And it’s a beautiful concept all the same!

4. Log Out of All Active Sessions

Have you ever gone over to your friend’s house and signed into your HBO Max account on their Firestick? Did you not remember to log out before leaving the house, thereby allowing another household unrestricted access to all your content?

Don’t sweat it, simply go to “Manage Devices” and get a list of all the devices that are currently logged into your HBO Max Germany account. Users can then turn off the unknown Androids and iPads.

5. Download Stuff for Offline Viewing

Almost every streaming platform is furnished with the option to download movie or TV show episodes for offline watching.

On HBO Max Germany, the download option is displayed on every episode’s tab. Select it, wait for the download to finish, and enjoy watching seasons of your favorite show Succession on your next trip around the world. (Downloads are automatically deleted after 30 days.)

6. Watch in 4K and HD

You can change the quality of your downloads in the option bars of HBO Max. “Highest Quality” guarantees that you have the full HD version of every episode you download. However, if you need more storage capacity on your device or just want to experience HBO’s 90s heyday in its original version, choose the cheaper quality.

7. Minimize Your Mobile Data Consumption

We’ve all been through this at some point, believe me. Sometimes you’re trapped on a bus, watching Big Mouth on the phone, only to find a month later that your mobile data prices reached the four digits.

If you aren’t organized enough to watch only when you are connected to a Wi-Fi connection, HBO Max’s “Video Options” feature enables any user to prevent the app from streaming content using mobile data when traveling across the world. Just pack a book or anything for next time.

8. Watch Japanese Anime with Subtitles

Not to get into the never-ending subs vs. dubs discussion, but almost every anime on HBO Max sets to copies featuring English voice actors. If you prefer to behave like an adult, choose Japanese with English subtitles by clicking the language option on the episode.

You may now skip a little of the awkward American voice-actor whimpering that mortified millions of youngsters while watching Toonami.

9. Keep Tabs on Incoming and Outgoing Titles

What could be worse than returning to a streaming platform and discovering that the content you were streaming has now been removed from the system? It’s like attempting to visit Chick-Fil-A on a weekend.

Fortunately, if you navigate to the options bar and select HBO Max’s newsletter, you’ll get dashboard alerts on the collection’s new arrival and removal. No longer will the rapid removal of A Star Is Born to astound you!


We hope that these tips will help you in boosting your overall streaming experience when watching HBO Max in Germany. If you have any secret tips or a query to ask, do let us know in the comments section below.

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