here are pictures of the changes planned by Samsung

The Galaxy S24 Ultra is arriving in just a few weeks, and will offer some design changes compared to the previous model. An image now allows us to better understand the difference.

Galaxy S23 Ultra vs Galaxy S24 UltraGalaxy S23 Ultra vs Galaxy S24 Ultra
Credit: Ice Universe

Next year, the Galaxy S24 Ultra will largely inherit the design of its predecessor, the Galaxy S23 Ultra, but a few small changes could make all the difference. Several renders of the smartphone have already revealed what to expect, but a new image has now given us a better look at what the device will look like.

On his Twitter account, leaker Ice Universe published a render revealing the front of the next Galaxy S24 Ultra alongside the current Galaxy S23 Ultra. There are some small changes in dimensions, but it is especially at the edges of the slab that there will be modifications.

The Galaxy S24 Ultra will be prettier than the Galaxy S23 Ultra

As we already knew, Samsung will significantly reduce the thickness of its screen borders and make them uniform. Previously, the Galaxy S23 Ultra’s “chin” was much thicker than other bezels, which annoyed some users.

To achieve this result, Samsung will this time use a flat screen on its new Galaxy S24 Ultra, which will thus abandon the curved panels of previous generations. The frame of the smartphone, which will be made of titanium according to the most recent rumors, will then be much less rounded.

We will also find some other changes, including in particular at the level of the speaker grille. This should take the form of an open strip, rather than adopting traditional perforations. This should notably allow the device to offer much more immersive sound than previous generations, without compromising its water resistance.

In addition to external changes, we also expect some new components inside, including a 5X periscope which will replace the old 10X periscope, a new 200 MP HP2SX main sensor or even a Snapdragon 8 Gen 3 chip faster than those of competing smartphones. The Galaxy S24 would even be truly designed for gaming thanks to a custom GPU with a higher frequency, and the smartphone would even benefit from a very popular AMD technology: FSR.

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