How long do I have to upgrade to Windows 11 for free?

Despite the problems due to the technical requirements that the installation of Windows 11 requires, there is no doubt that the operating system incorporates interesting new features, such as its new design, the redesign of the application store or compatibility with Android applications.

Free update with no expiration dateā€¦ for now

Microsoft’s intention is to get the largest number of users to make the leap to Windows 11 from the outset, so it will make the update process quite simple.

Do not forget that Windows 10 21H1 will be the last update of this operating system. Although it will be receiving support and security updates until 2025, the truth is that, on that date, it will go to the trunk of memories. Therefore sooner or later we will have to update our computer to Windows 11 if we want to continue using Microsoft’s operating system. And therefore, surely the best thing is to do it without having to pay a euro.

Windows 11 Start Menu

At the moment it is known that users with original copies of Windows 10 will be able to update for free to the new system that could well begin to be implemented as planned, next October and that will continue until well into 2022. To do this, Windows Update will take care of notifying us at the moment when the update is ready to be downloaded.

Microsoft assured that the update offer will be free but not, for the moment, has no expiration date. In the event that we do not have Windows 10 installed, we will have to acquire the corresponding license to be able to legally use Windows 11. As there is no limit, at least for now, to be able to make the leap to the new operating system, it is likely that many users choose to wait a reasonable time in order to avoid possible problems that may arise with the initial version.

The minimum requirements the great obstacle to change

The fact that at the moment the free update to Windows 11 for users who have Windows 10 does not have an expiration date can be a respite for many. And it is that the main handicap that many will find to be able to update are the high minimum requirements that you will need to have our PC in order for it to work. If our computer does not meet these requirements, Windows 11 will not allow us to complete the installation.

Therefore, this unlimited time frame to update for free can serve many users to be able to change their PC in order to meet the demands of the new Microsoft operating system.

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