How to configure the D-Link EAGLE PRO AI E15 repeater as Mesh WiFi

If we did not have it like this, we will have to change it with the parameters that we have indicated previously.

We must remember that we can buy the R15 and E15 models on Amazon for approximately 60 euros.

We can form a complete WiFi mesh system with two nodes for only 120 euros, a really competitive price.

Configuration in Mesh mode

Once we have already made the previous configuration in the main router, now we have to connect the E15 Wi-Fi repeater in the same room where the R15 router is, in this way, they will be configured perfectly and without any problem due to security issues. coverage. When we have connected it to the electricity, we will wait a couple of minutes until the repeater is ready to start the configuration, now what we must do is the following in a time of one minute, that is, we must do this one after another in less than a minute:

  • We press the WPS button on the E15 repeater for one second, the LED indicator will start to flash white.
  • We press the WPS button on the R15 router for one second, the 2.4GHz and 5GHz band LEDs will start flashing.

Now we must wait about 2 minutes until the repeater and the router are synchronized and form a complete high-performance WiFi Mesh network. After two minutes, we can see that the WiFi repeater has a fixed white LED, in addition, we can also see that we already have the coverage LED indicators on and in white, indicating that we have very good WiFi coverage.

If we get into the firmware of the R15 router we will be able to see that the repeater has been perfectly registered. To access the firmware we can go to the IP address and put the administration password, once we enter the firmware, we will have to see «Extenders: 1«, indicating that we have an extender with Mesh ready. If we click on this area, we can see the E15 model and it will also indicate the coverage received by the main router.

If we click on the arrow to the right, we can see the network scheme that we currently have. You should know that we can add several E15 WiFi repeaters to the WiFi mesh system, here we can see all of them, and we can even see which wired and wireless clients we have connected to each node that we have installed.

If we click on a specific repeater, we can see the connected clients, both wired and wireless, including those that have connected to the guest WiFi network. Of course, the signal strength received by the main router will appear, and we also have the option of pressing a button to identify the wireless amplifier.

In the event that we want to give a more descriptive name to the repeater, we will be able to do so without any problem by clicking on “Edit name”, we put the name that we want in a personalized way, and click on “Save” to apply the changes. If we have several repeaters, it is normal to give it the name of the location where we are going to place it finally.

Other actions that we can perform with the Wi-Fi repeater is to restart it, in case there is a problem, and we could even remove it from the Mesh network.

In the event that we want to have a Mesh network with the WPA3-Personal security protocol, first you need to add all the nodes of the Mesh network, and later we can change the protocol to WPA3-Personal. The reason is that the WPA3 protocol does not have WPS, so we cannot use it to synchronize the repeater with the main router.

As you have seen, configuring the E15 repeater with the EAGLE PRO AI R15 router is really easy and simple, we simply have to use the WPS button and take into account the default parameters that we have in the router.

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