How to detect dangerous Bluetooth devices that can track us

We are surrounded by Bluetooth devices. You can find very diverse devices that use this technology. For example, we can name a thermometer that you have somewhere in your home and connect via Bluetooth to your cell phone, headphones, controls, smart sensors… Although it is something useful and very present, it can also be used by attackers to put the security at risk. security or spy on us. Therefore, we are going to explain how to detect Bluetooth devices that can be dangerous and that you could have nearby.

You’ve probably heard of the Bluetooth trackers. They are small devices that can be useful to know where something is at all times. They are used to avoid losing keys, for example. They are also known as AirTags. The problem is that they could be used improperly, to track you or put your devices at risk.

Detects Bluetooth trackers

It does not mean that Bluetooth trackers are dangerous, but it could lead to use them against you. Therefore, knowing what you have nearby can be interesting to avoid problems. Luckily, there are methods to detect these trackers and determine if they are reliable or, on the contrary, could be a threat.

The idea is power receive an alert when it is detected that there is a tracker nearby and that it could be spying on us. We can do it with our mobile phone, with a device that has Android, easily. To do this, you just have to follow the steps that we are going to explain. You will be able to enable a function and receive alerts. It may vary depending on the model you have, but it will be similar to this:

  • Settings or Configuration
  • Security and emergency
  • Unknown Tracker Alerts

Alerts by Bluetooth trackers

You may have it enabled, but if you don’t you simply have to check the box. From there, your phone will look for possible trackers you may have nearby and alert you if they are suspicious. Basically, all those that you have not linked directly to your device are suspicious.

Detect dangerous Bluetooth

You can also make a manual search. At the bottom, you will find a button that says Search now. What you do is perform a search at that moment, something you can do whenever you have doubts about whether there is a possible device that could be spying on you without you realizing it.

Avoid Bluetooth attacks

Bluetooth, or devices that use this technology, can not only be used to physically track, but could also control your devices. It is important that you always keep everything updated and in good condition. This will help you reduce the risk of attacks, viruses or passwords being stolen.

Now, the best protection is to use Bluetooth only the time necessary. That is, if you are not going to use your phone’s Bluetooth, for example, turn it off until you really need to connect headphones or any sensor that uses this technology and you have to enable it to do so. There is always a risk with having Bluetooth on.

Therefore, as you can see, you can check if you have a Bluetooth tracker nearby. Your phone can alert you to this and allow you to improve your privacy and security. In addition, it is always advisable to take measures to avoid problems when using this technology.

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