Tricks so that your money is never stolen from online bank accounts

Can they steal your online bank accounts? The truth is that yes and, furthermore, they will have different options for this. It is essential to always be protected and not make mistakes. We are going to tell you some fundamental tricks or tips to prevent your money from being stolen online, whether you usually access your bank account from your computer, in the web version, or if you use the bank application on your mobile.

The security measures that you must apply do not differ too much from any other online account. However, when we talk about bank accounts, it is more important to have good protection. It is something very sensitive and at no time should we make mistakes that could expose our security.

Protect your bank accounts

No matter which bank you use, whether you use it continuously or only sporadically, it is always essential to protect security. Avoiding intruders will allow them to make payments without your consent, scam you when you log in, or even cause you to lose control to gain access.

Limit operations

This is important for prevent money from being stolen by impersonating your online accounts. What does it mean to limit operations? Normally, when accessing your bank account, you will be able to see a security configuration where you can allow or disallow different operations to be carried out. For example, you can block the magnetic stripe of the card, prevent it from working outside of Spain, reduce the amount when purchasing online, withdraw from the ATM, etc.

What we are looking for with this is that, in the event that they manage to access the account or steal the card, it would be more difficult for them to withdraw money. If they clone your card, they wouldn’t be able to use the magnetic stripe or they wouldn’t be able to use it away from you if you’ve applied location protection.

Turn off the card if you don’t use it

This method is useful to avoid problems with your credit card. If you have it turned off or frozen, it will not work at all. They will not be able to scam you or take money without your permission. You can keep it like this until you are actually going to use it and thus reduce the risk as much as possible.

However, the ideal is that you use disposable cards to pay online, which is where you may have more risks. If you use virtual cards, that numbering will only work for that specific payment. Something similar happens when you go to pay with your mobile, via NFC, since it creates a unique transaction.

Be careful where you log in

Of course, at log in you must be careful. You should always do it from official sources, such as through the bank’s official website or by using the legitimate application. Never enter from links that may reach you by SMS, email or through third-party pages that could be a scam.

With this, you will avoid Phishing attacks. These attacks are the main ones to steal passwords and take control of a bank account. Careful with this. If you take into account the importance of logging in from trusted sites, you will have a lot to gain in terms of security. Avoiding banking malware is key.

Never expose your data

This is from common sense, but it should never be missing. It is essential that you protect your personal data on the Internet. Never leave them exposed when you register on a platform, install an application or even if they send you an email requesting data from, supposedly, your bank.

Cybercriminals could collect your personal data and thus be able to impersonate your identity. The objective may be to access the bank account and put your money at risk. Avoiding making mistakes is the best defense.

Therefore, these are some essential tips to avoid intruders into your bank accounts. Preventing your money from being stolen is in your hands simply by not making mistakes and not making mistakes. You can also apply all of this to any other account on the Internet that you want to protect as much as possible.

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