How your bank cards can be stolen with Web Shells

Using Web Shells to steal bank cards

It should be borne in mind that more and more users are performing online shopping. This logically increases the risks as well. We exchange information, save card data in the browser, make payment on sites that are not always secure …

When we talk about Web Shells we mean malicious tools that are used by cybercriminals to steal data. They can be scripts or programs and it allows you to access hacked servers and run malicious code to steal cards or any information.

They generally use JavaScript-based scripts for this purpose. They are also known as web skimming or digital skimming. These skimmers they are going to be designed to steal the victim’s payment. They will intercept the bank card in online payments.

Cybercriminals attack legitimate website servers through vulnerabilities that may be present. In this way they are able to sneak Web Shells into sites related to e-commerce and that have not been patched.

Avoid bank card theft

What can we do to prevent bank card theft on the Internet? Luckily we have at our disposal different methods that we can use to avoid security problems and that our data can be filtered. Keep in mind that this can be applied to Web Shells and similar attacks.

Update everything correctly

One of the most important points that we must take into account is the importance of having All updated correctly. We have seen that in the case of Web Shells attacks, they often take advantage of security flaws that have not been corrected.

Therefore, we must have the latest updates to the operating system, as well as any program or server that we use. We prevent hackers from stealing bank cards and also improve performance.

Use security programs

We can also count on many security programs that help us prevent cyber attacks that steal online bank cards and put our computers at risk. It is important to have a good antivirus, but also other tools such as a firewall.

Luckily we can have many options for all types of operating systems and devices. You simply have to choose the best option that suits what you are looking for. There are many varieties of malware and it is important to protect yourself.

Common sense

But something that can not be missing is the common sense. In many attacks, cybercriminals will need the victims to make a mistake. Hence the importance of keeping common sense in mind and preventing hackers from taking advantage.

If we want to prevent bank cards from being stolen through Web Shells and other similar attacks, it is a very important point to take into account. We must not make any kind of mistake. In short, Web Shells attacks are widely used by cybercriminals to steal bank cards on the Internet. This means that at all times we must be protected and not make mistakes.

Finally, we must comment that credit and debit cards have insurance against fraud, therefore, if we have been the victim of fraud, after reporting to the authorities, they will return the stolen money without too much trouble. This is something that all banking entities have, with the aim of providing protection coverage to their clients.

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