How to know the inches of your laptop screen

Knowing how many inches the screen of our laptop has is important. The most important is in the choice of the transport backpack (or bag) for this equipment. Depending on the dimensions of our system, we must choose one backpack size or another.

Screen dimensions are always given in inches. Specifically, what is measured is the distance between the opposite corners. For example, the distance from the top left corner to the bottom right corner.

Different methods to find out

There are different methods to know this data. Of course, the first is in the specifications when we buy the new laptop. Then, we can always search the internet for the model of our laptop. We can measure the dimensions of our screen in a simple way.

We are going to explain them all in a simple way.

Time of purchase

It does not matter if we buy our laptop in a physical store or online. should always be specifiedamong others, the screen size of the equipment, which will be given in inches.

If we go to the physical store, we usually have a summary of the specifications next to the laptop. When we buy it online, the specifications always detail the size of the screen, as well as the rest of the features.

inch screen laptop

internet search

It may be that we have a laptop from a long time ago and the laptop screen has broken. If is one “old” model with a non-standardized size, we will need to know the size of the panel to find a replacement. An easy way is to search the internet for the laptop’s specifications.

The easiest way is to turn the equipment over and see the label below. There you will find the laptop model and looking for it on the internet, we should go to the manufacturer’s website where all the information will be. It may be blurry or broken, but don’t worry, there are other ways to tell what model of laptop you have.

asus web laptop specifications

laptop handbook

Where are the Specifications and most relevant data of the laptop, it is in the equipment handbook. Among other data, we will see the inches that our team has. These are data that are usually included in this booklet that usually we don’t read and endsnext to the box in the trash.

Use a tape measure

It cannot be ruled out that, if our laptop is very old, everything seen so far fails. The most rudimentary way remains and it is measure with a tape measure or ruler. It is quite simple and fast.

Simply, we will measure the distance between the opposite corners. For example, we will measure from the top left corner to the bottom right corner. Thus we obtain the diagonal, which is the size that is always given, but we have it in centimeters.

Usually, the diagonal is not given in this unit of measure, it is given in inches. To pass it, we simply must multiply the measurement by this value: 0.393701. This allows us to know the size of the screen in inches, which is how they are marketed.

Example. We measure and from corner to corner we have 40.6 cm. We take this value (40.6 cm) and multiply it by 0.393701. So we get a measurement of 15.984 inches, so the screen size is 16 inches. [Nota: las dimensiones se basan en el modelo de portátil ASUS del que hacemos captura más arriba]

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