How to obtain the help of 200 euros from the government: requirements and when to do it

Starting tomorrow, February 15, 2023, all those who meet the established requirements will have the opportunity to request a new help of 200 euros. Let’s see what those requirements are and how we can request it through the Internet.

Due to the high unemployment rate currently existing in our country, and the increasing price rises in all types of products and services, for many, help is essential. Hence precisely now multitude of families They will have the possibility of benefiting from a payment of 200 euros if a series of requirements are met. The first thing we should know is that this aid to which we are referring now will benefit 4.2 million familiesapproximately.

When can I ask for the help of 200 euros

This payment was approved by the Council of Ministers on December 27, based on new initiatives to respond to the consequences that the war in Ukraine is having on the economy of our country. All this with the purpose of protecting a good part of the citizens, placing special emphasis on the most vulnerable. hence the new extraordinary payment of 200 euros that can be requested from tomorrow February 15, 2023.

In addition, and thanks to all this, it is partly intended to reduce the situation of economic vulnerability in those who do not have other social benefits. As we told you, this is something that we can request from tomorrow and until next March 31, 2023.

Requirements that must be met

Initially, the aid of 200 euros is aimed at employees, self-employed or unemployed who do not receive other benefits. In addition, applicants must have received gross income of less than 27,000 euros per year and have a patrimony less than 75,000 euros. It is important to know here that the habitual residence is excluded from this patrimony to which we mention to meet the requirements.

Specifically, this refers to the sum of the income belonging to family members who live at the same address. In turn, to be able to request those 200 euros of help, we must have the habitual residence in Spain.

How to request help online

Well, once we know the requirements to be able to request this help of 200 euros, let’s see how to request it through Internet. As of tomorrow, February 15, we will be able to access the official website of the Tax Agency where we can fill out the corresponding aid application form in the web browser. Of course, to identify ourselves digitally we will have to use the electronic ID or system Cl@ve so that we can carry out the process.

help 200 euros

Once we have made the request as such, the Tax agency crosses our data with other administrations to determine if we have the right to do so. If not, we will be notified and then we will have ten days to claim the denial. After 30 days without having presented them, we will no longer be able to receive it.

In the event that our application has been accepted by the Tax Agency, we will only have to wait for the deposit in the bank account that we have previously established in the application.

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