How to serve large-scale clients with GUS tools

According to GUS, a company specialized in conversational commerce, more than 100 million messages are sent to companies every day through WhatsApp Business Platform. This has an open rate of over 95%, much higher than an email open that sits at around 20%. This shows that business messaging, or business messaging, it is already a reality that we are experiencing today and not a future trend in the relationship between company and client.

“We know that today the vast majority of users prefer to be contacted through instant messaging services rather than with a phone call or email, and that they seek to have real and close conversations with companies. In addition, they prefer to do it within a channel that is comfortable and easy to use. For this reason, WhatsApp Business Platform is an ideal tool for this, as well as being powerful and disruptive”says Jaime Navarro, CEO of GUS, a company specialized in conversational commerce.

In this sense, Mark Zuckerberg, CEO of Meta, recently commented that “Above enterprise usage of the metaverse, enterprise messaging is probably going to be the next big pillar of Meta’s business as WhatsApp and Messenger become more monetized. [de Facebook]”.

A business messaging strategy to serve clients on a large scale can only be effective with the help of conversational commerce tools, based on AI, since it is software specifically designed to automate queries, offer customer service channels that are 64% more effective than traditional ones, improve the user experience, connect with human assistants if necessary, and massively serve thousands of users simultaneously.

How much does it cost to activate WhatsApp Business Platform?

For each WhatsApp Business Platform account, Meta offers the first 1,000 conversations of each month for free. There is also no cost for the first conversation started by a user when he clicks on a free access point, that is, an ad that redirects to WhatsApp or a button with a call to action on a Facebook page. However, the successive conversations and placing the ad as such, do have it.

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Companies must also assume a cost for each conversation started by them, but the rate will vary depending on the region to which the country where the conversation takes place belongs (check prices here).

To activate WhatsApp Business Platform, Meta has made available to companies the services of certified companies such as WhatsApp Business Solution Providersthat is, conversational AI developers, such as GUS, who verify business accounts and enable the corresponding instant messaging channels to serve customers at scale.

“Without a doubt, WhatsApp is the most popular instant messaging app for personal and business conversations, but conversational experiences happen in any channel where a user comes into contact with a company through chat, including web page virtual assistants. At GUS, we provide our clients with a complete platform made up of two tools: Flux, a bot builder to design conversational flows tailored to the business, and GusDesk, a platform through which clients can analyze their business messaging strategies. In addition, we provide personalized support to help businesses create effective strategies that meet their business objectives”ends Navarro.

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