How you can create databases on Mac computers

This is one of the most popular database programs among users that are more basic, and that is why it is within the category of domestic. This is because it is within the Microsoft Office suite and is fully integrated into the operating system. It is really useful to be able to save the most important information, especially in those small companies when having it stored on your computer.

If you are working with the Microsoft suite, it is ideal because it integrates with the rest of the programs that you can use on a day-to-day basis. It is especially interesting because it is synchronized with the different spreadsheets, which is where you will contain a greater amount of information. Even Microsoft Excel itself can be converted into your private database thanks to this integration that we discussed.


Magnificent database for personal use and above all very easy to use. It’s a perfect companion for everything you want to collect and organize in your life, from your favorite movies to your clients’ bills. This combines ease of use with powerful functionality. If you are not very skilled at creating these databases, the program itself will have different templates that will adapt to what you want to do at that time.

More than 17 fully configurable form fields are integrated that include images, URL contacts and ratings. The alignment guides will allow you to always maintain a sleek and consistent design. In the event that you are going to perform a search among all these data, you should know that the power of the macOS native search is integrated that will allow you to find anything at the moment.


Ninox Database

Ninox Database

Easy-to-use database application available on Mac, iPhone, and iPad. In this way, if you are starting a company, this is the ideal application for you and the employees you have, since at any time you can create, connect and collaborate with this base. You will digitize your organization and in this way the workflows will be more productive.

As we have commented previously, this is an application that is capable of storing customer data, creating invoices, making a company inventory and everything necessary for individuals or start-up companies. You simply have to create the forms and fields by building the calculations with the formula editor that is integrated into the application. The problem is that it is not free, but if you are a company it is definitely worth the investment.

Ninox Database
Ninox Database



This is the classic alternative to Microsoft Office as it is completely free. The included database manager is not really complex, but we are talking about a 100% free and open source option. That is why some companies may be looking for exactly this by being simple, yet fully functional for a purpose that is relatively straightforward.

Although it should be noted that although we are facing a relatively simple program, it is based on those complex ones. This is because it is based on MySQL and also on Access. It also includes a database engine related to HSQL. And as it happened in the Office suite, if you use the rest of the programs you will end up enchanted by having a complete integration with the entire suite.

More professional programs on Mac

If you want to go one step further, you should know that there are much more complex databases and that they are used by professionals. In these cases, companies can be in charge of these bases and many others can be open source to adapt to your company. We tell you the best options below.



Application used by millions of companies around the world. Ideal for creating personalized software that allows you to manage what you do on a day-to-day basis in your company. Everything always stays in the cloud so the information will be completely safe. But above all it is intended for professional application development.

In this case you can find performance tips, automated data leveling, multi-cloud clusters, and even security that will always be on. That is why the data of your users or customers will always be safe with this database service on external servers, the price of which will always vary depending on the resources you will need at that time.



This is a platform that works through a subscription that can be monthly or yearly. In this case, different different applications are included in this subscription. Specifically, it has a unified tool to create custom apps for a business. In this way you will be able to manage the inventory, the clients or the invoices that you have generated in a personalized way.

But in addition to this, the fact of having a server to run the applications that have been created through a browser also stands out. This means that it can be used on any device and wherever you are without having to perform installations, being ideal for any business. This means that there are wide workflows between all the workers of a small company, being essential.



Platform for professional database creation. On its website you can find a pack that is basic to be able to create everything you need and also an extra one to install the necessary tools in order to have a database as complete as possible that is not a too simple task in the professional field.

But the most interesting of all is the community that can be found behind this platform. It should be noted that the community is quite active and that therefore you will find a lot of information and help at all times about what you are doing with this database. With a simple search on the internet you will have access to the updated manuals or the different professional forums.



The company describes its software as a hybrid between spreadsheet and other database management part. That is why you are looking for an application that is easy to use and does not require much programming knowledge, this option may be ideal. The free version is quite powerful as it can create unlimited databases with 1200 records in each one. That is why if you are in a small company this may be the most recommended option you can have without investing a lot of money.

In the event that you have a company that requires more data management, obviously you will have to go to the payment plan. In this there will be no limit and you will enjoy all the tools that will allow you to create an extremely complete base. Possibility of integrating tables or forms with rich and customizable fields. These are some of the many features that you will be able to discover by trying it out.

Which of these do we recommend?

As it has been seen, there are many options that exist to be able to create databases. But we should stay with two of these options for their ease of use and also to the public to whom it is dedicated. If you are a private person, we should definitely recommend Microsoft Access. When entering the Microsoft suite, it is accessible to all users and is presented with an interface that is suitable for working even if you do not have much knowledge. In addition, the tutorials that can be found are quite simple to apply.

However, if you make professional use of the Mac and want to create very complete databases, we must recommend subscribing to the tools of MongoDB. In this case, you will have everything you need to carry out your activity with business applications aimed at carrying out inventories or managing customer data. It allows you to use the application on any device and even without having to install absolutely anything.

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