Apple will be able to sell 80% of the total ARM laptops on the market this year

There is no doubt that Apple’s commitment to the new era of Macs Apple Silicon It has been a great success. First, for the good performance of its ARM M1 processor compared to its predecessors Intel, with a processing power and energy efficiency never seen before.

And second, the good reception that said processor has had among the developers Of applications. Most of the big brands and small developers have been quick to release their native software versions for the M1 to take advantage of its full potential. All of this contributed to the resounding success of the switch from Intel Macs to ARM in record time.

Sales figures from the computer markets show that Apple is dominating the PC sector. ARM laptops with rapid growth thanks to Apple Silicon, ensuring the vast majority of the sector’s income for this year that is already ending.

According to the research firm Strategy Analytics, the market for ARM processor-based laptops continues to grow. It already did it nine times in 2020 and is about to triple to 949 million dollars in 2021.

79% will be MacBooks


These are the estimates of the ARM laptop market for 2021.

Strategy Analytics also estimates that Apple will dominate the majority of the ARM laptop market by 2021, earning 79% of revenue from total laptops sold. According to them, MediaTek would be a distant second with 18 percent of the market, while Qualcomm it would rank third with just 3 percent.

Last month, this same firm already announced that Apple was leading the tablet market with a 50% share of revenue in the second quarter of 2021. The iPad is the leader in the tablet market.

And the thing is not here, since Apple will celebrate this Monday, October 18, a new virtual event, called «Unleashed«. This keynote is expected to focus on new high-end MacBook Pro models to further expand the Apple Silicon Macs offering. Undoubtedly, these are good times for Macs….

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