“I visited them every two weeks”: This was said by the mother of the children who lived with the corpse of their autistic brother

This week the case of three boys ages 15, 10, and seven who lived alone in a Houston apartment, Texas; the oldest of them was in charge of the smallest because her mom had moved in with her boyfriend months ago; However, the most heartbreaking thing was that it was learned that the three were locked up for almost a year with the corpse of their 8-year-old brother, who was beaten to death by her mother’s boyfriend.

According to the children’s neighbors, they all believed that only the 15-year-old adolescent lived in the place, to whom they constantly brought food; perhaps the boy never said he was with the children for fear of reprisals or being separated. However, it was this weekend that decided to break the silence and call 911 for them to come and pick them up.

A couple of days later they were detained in a public library Gloria Williams, mother of the children, and her boyfriend Brian Coulter, on whom an accusation weighs for the Kendrick Lee homicide, a little autistic, the Thanksgiving Day from last year. Meanwhile, the 35-year-old woman is accused of hurting a child by omission and of hiding evidence, in this case, the corpse of his son.

Both are apprehended in the Harris County Jail, in Texas; Gloria was set a $ 900,000 bond, while her boyfriend Brian will be prosecuted for the murder of the boy with autism, who was only eight years old. The local media have already baptized this heartbreaking case as “Houston House of Horrors“.

What did the woman say about her children’s case?

When the police rescued the children, all three were malnourished and one of them, the 10-year-old had a broken jaw due to a beating that the boyfriend gave him from his mother on a visit. In this regard, the woman said from the jail where she is being held that she visited them every two weeks and brought them sandwiches.

However, when questioning why he had let his three children live alone, in a house without furniture, among cockroaches and without electricity, and worse, with Kendrick’s corpse rotting for a year, Gloria said she did not know that the boy had been killed by her boyfriend or that the 10-year-old had a fractured jaw.

Nevertheless, the children claimed that the woman did know that Coulter had beaten Kendrick to death and that she decided not to call the police on Thanksgiving 2020 because she was afraid of being arrested or having her children taken from her. So the 15-year-old boy only limited himself to covering his little brother’s body with a blue blanket this year.

When the children were rescued by the police, these were taken to a hospital for treatment as they were malnourished and Children’s Servicesbegan managing his emergency custody; later it was learned that the four children weren’t Gloria’s only children, but he has two other girls, who live with other relatives.

According to interviews made by various local media outlets to the Gloria’s family, her relatives qualify her as an unstable person, so for a long time they had asked him to take care of their childrenHowever, she always told them that everything was fine and that the children were at school.

Everyone was particularly concerned about Kendrick, the deceased child, because because he suffered from autism and hardly spokeThey preferred that he be with someone else they loved before his mother. When they heard the news this week, they were simply devastated to learn that the eight-year-old had been killed.

With information from Daily Mail and KHOU11


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