If I have already been vaccinated, do I have to present a negative covid test to travel?

Undertaking a flight abroad has different requirements, such as a special passport or visa. However, in the wake of the coronavirus, new measures have been put in place to ensure safe travel and, at the same time, protect the citizens of each country, as well as those who visit.

As we will recall, at the beginning of the pandemic many governments closed borders as a defense measure. Over time, some of these limits have been reopened, but always with conditions that each country imposes for the protection of all.

Among the requirements is a COVID-19 test with a negative result, in the case of the United States for example. For Europe, it is added having a complete vaccination scheme (see here the accepted ones), and even in some countries it is mandatory to quarantine upon arrival.

Under these circumstances, there is confusion as to why submit a negative test if there is already a vaccination schedule, and the answer is simple: vaccines do not make us immune to SARS-CoV-2They are one more measure of protection that we must add to our lives, since they complement others such as the use of face masks, hand washing, healthy distance and antibacterial gel.

Of course, vaccines are effective and can prevent the infection of the virus or cancel the spread, but each one has its percentage of effectiveness and, since it is not 100%, there is the possibility of contracting the virus, although in most cases it helps to prevent it from being serious.

This is the efficacy of each vaccine:

Pfizer 95%

Sinovac 50.6% with a range of up to 83.7% in moderate disease

CanSino 90%

AstraZeneca 63.09%

Johnson & Johnson about 72%

Almost a year and a half after the pandemic began, we continue to learn about the virus, vaccines and the best forms of protection, with information that is updated every day. Each person generates antibodies against the protein S of the virus in different amounts and for each one the time and percentage of protection is different, so present a negative test before traveling, living together, going to party or visiting someone vulnerable to the disease , it will always be the best option.

With this, the recommendations and requirements for travel change as the virus progresses or recedes, so we invite you to update yourself at

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