If the 30 last month seemed few to you, Disney+ confirms that it will eliminate many more series and movies

Hence precisely at this time many of these online platforms that offer all kinds of movies, series and documentariesThey are not going through their best moment. Whereas relatively recently we only had a couple of alternatives to choose from, now that number has grown dramatically.

Today users have a good number of online services with these characteristics from which to choose. That is why, although the consumers of this content over the Internet do not stop growing, and these are distributed among the available options. Hence, the heads of these streaming platforms are making some important decisions to reduce costs.

We have recently been able to see, in one of what could be considered the most popular, Netflix, the blocking for the use of shared accounts. All of this is also negatively affecting users, since subscription prices also increase. Well, if we focus on the aforementioned Disney+, over the past month we were able to see a significant disappearance of content, as we already told you at the time.

Of course this is something that most of the subscribed clients have not liked. The worst of all this is that the thing seems not to have ended here.

Why are Disney+ content disappearing?

As the heads of Disney+ informed us a few weeks ago, they are carrying out a series of strategic changes. This inevitably leads to the radical disappearance of these multimedia contents in the form of movies and series. It is worth mentioning that the removal of all this content that occurred throughout the month of May, will mean an estimated saving to the company of about 1.5 billion dollars.

But as we told you before, apparently the thing is not going to end here, since the withdrawal of films and series will continue shortly. And it is that, to those 1500 million comments, those responsible for the platform want to add another 400 million. This is something that will take place until the end of this quarterthat is, until the end of this same month in which we find ourselves.

Although the removal of content in this case will not be as large as the one that occurred last month, important titles will also disappear. At the moment, the movies and series that will disappear from Disney+ have not been made public, something that will surely affect both its own productions and those of third parties.

To this disappearance of content that we are telling you about, the strategic plan to save costs also added the dismissal of 7,000 workers from the firm. All this is just another sign that the different video streaming platforms will have to take certain measures in order to continue making profits in this difficult market.

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