If you don’t like Starfield, at least you’ll have its peripherals

It is normal for the companies themselves to launch versions of their consoles and peripherals based on a specific game. Not only do they satiate the fans of those franchises, but, incidentally turn accessories with a relative value into authentic collector’s items because when the few editions that are put up for sale are finished, they begin to be highly coveted. And in the case of Starfield, just that is going to happen.

Microsoft is not new to creating these special editions. sure that Do you remember that Xbox 360 from Halowith an incredible green color and a matching controller with motifs from the Master Chief himself. Even that gamepad for PC and consoles inspired by titanfallor the edition cyberpunk 2077 of your Xbox One X. Authentic luxuries that end up being displayed in a showcase or on a special altar dedicated to that franchise that keeps us up at night.

It is the turn of Starfield

Microsoft’s great exclusive bet for this year, in what has to do with Xbox, seems to be starting to warm up for a launch after the summer. And not only will we be able to see how its development is going in the showcase that will be broadcast by Redmond next weekendbut some accessories have already been leaked that will bear the official signature of the title developed by Bethesda and that it hopes to renew the throne of the mythical Skyrim role-playing epics.

In this case, we are dealing with two specific objects, on the one hand headphones that will carry graphic motifs inspired by the gamewith those colored stripes (completely seventies), the “Property of the Constellation” notice and a beautiful white outer color combined with that red tone of the padded area of ​​the headband that we will place on our heads. Here below you can see a small video with that peripheral.

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Another #ExclusiveFakeInsider, if you haven’t convinced yourself with the controller, this is what the NEW #Starfield special edition HELMETS look like and I must say they are simply BEAUTIFUL.

If I were you I would be attentive to buy them day one. πŸ™Š

June 05, 2023 β€’ 16:41

But it will not be the only one because by the way we put on these helmets to look like we are going to pilot a spaceship, too we can customize the controls to adapt them to the spirit Starfield that will flood us after the summer, specifically for September 6, the moment in which its release date is set.

A new gamepad from Starfield

If the helmets look very good, in the case of the Xbox gamepad the thing already triggers our hypebecause Microsoft, or Bethesda, have done an extraordinary job of customization Featuring a white model, red and gray accents, and lots of diagrams, lines, and text that look like the outside of a spaceship. What’s more, as you can see, the North Americans have taken advantage of the design of this accessory to insert into it… some of the controls for Starfield?

Starfield gamepad.

Thus, the stick The left will act as the accelerator, the Select data center Capture as a camera and the triggers will allow us to scan or change modes. All this if we look at what appears in the images which is the umpteenth leak around Starfield and some of the peripherals that will accompany the launch.

So if you feel like playing this game, save up for get hold of these two peripherals that suggest that they will arrive in stores at the same time as StarfieldNo?

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