If you play on PC, stay away from Windows 11 22H2

Microsoft has acknowledged the performance issues in Windows 11 22H2 when running games on PCs and has blocked the update for affected computers until a fix is ​​released.

As soon as Windows 11 22H2 was released in September, users began to notice gaming and other performance issues related to the new feature update. The first to complain were those using NVIDIA graphics cards. The green giant blamed Microsoft and specifically the new GPU debugging tools in this version. Despite NVIDIA attempting to resolve the issue with a new set of drivers, the issues persisted. And yes, he was right.

Two months later, Microsoft has finally acknowledged this problem, confirming that NVIDIA was correct in assessing the underlying problem. “Some games and applications may experience slower than expected performance or stuttering in Windows 11 22H2″they say from the Redmond firm.

If you already have the version installed and experience these problems “you may be able to resolve this by updating your games and game-related apps to the latest version available from the software developer or by using automatic updates via the store they were purchased from (such as Steam)”says Microsoft. We doubt that this is a solution, but there it is…

If you play on PC, stay away from Windows 11 22H2

Windows 11 22H2 and its multiple failures

In fact and for “safeguard the upgrade experience”, Microsoft has blocked Windows 11 22H2 under the ‘compatibility holds’ program (Protection ID 41766570 and 41990091). It’s the fifth crash for this build after Xbox Game Bar capture failures, blue screens, another printing issue, and Windows Hello. There was also a performance hit when copying large files over SMB and other minor bugs.

All computers affected by these crashes will not receive the update on Windows Update, and Microsoft recommends that you do not force it through known methods, either via the web via media creation, or through clean installations.

When we insist on delaying upgrades to Windows 11 as a measure necessary to limit potential errors, you know the reasons. Microsoft fixes bugs and causes others with each update, random and without control. If you run production computers or can’t afford these bugs, it’s much better to stay on Windows 10 while waiting for better stability in Windows 11. Or jump straight to Windows 12. We’ll see.

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