If you use a VPN to travel, this is the biggest mistake to avoid

Of all the uses you can give a VPN, one of them is to travel abroad. There are countries where you cannot use certain services, such as social networks, Gmail or certain applications. To solve it, these types of programs are very useful. But be careful, it is essential to avoid mistakes and use it correctly. In this article we tell you what is the main mistake that you can make if you are going to install a vpn for travel.

Always install the VPN before going out

Installing a VPN is very simple. You will find many options available for mobile and computer. There are free and paid ones. Some have higher speeds, more servers available, or more features. But in general terms, the goal is the same: hide your real IP and encrypt the connection.

What if you are going to need a VPN to travel and you have not installed it previously? That can be a major problem. A clear example is if you are going to a country where Google services are blocked, such as China. If you get there, you connect to a Wi-Fi network and see that Google is not working, nor is WhatsApp or Facebook, what you will want is to install a VPN. But of course, if you go to Google Play, if you have an Android device, you’ll see that it doesn’t work. You couldn’t download a VPN this way.

Likewise, you could have problems downloading a VPN directly from your website or through other platforms. All this could be blocked and, to download this type of programs, you would need to have a VPN. Therefore, if you have not anticipated you could have problems.

yes it is true that always Are there ways around these blocks?, such as downloading the app for Android through an APK file, if you enter alternative search engines such as DuckDuckGo. But it is more complicated and you could even download dangerous software, which puts your device at risk. Therefore, our advice is that whenever you are going to need a VPN to travel, install it before leaving home. Never wait to reach the destination and try your luck.

Choosing a good program is key

Besides, choose a good VPN It is also essential for travel. What matters in this case is that it has many servers available. So you can always choose the one that suits you best to surf the net. For example, if you are going to an Asian country, the ideal is to connect to a server in a country in the area, such as Japan or Singapore.

You should also look at that VPN be of guarantees. We don’t just mean that it works well, with good speed, but that it is reliable. There are many scams on the net. What many VPNs do is collect personal information from users and that is a major problem. Their way of making a profit is through the sale of personal information. You can always compare the differences between Tor Browser and a VPN.

Therefore, as you can see, it is key install the VPN before leaving on a trip. This will prevent you from not being able to do it once you arrive at your destination and have to look for an alternative, which is not always going to be easy. In addition, it is important to choose very well which program you are going to install and not have problems.

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