If you use Chrome on your Mac, you should update to avoid a major security flaw

Google Chrome

While Apple works hard to make Safari the best browser you can use on Macs and other devices, it’s certainly not the best. For this reason, it is common to see how users use different browsers, such as Google’s Chrome, especially because of its versatility and its many additional functions that it provides. That’s because there are many developers that implement external features such as extensions. But it is also true that it is very likely to be attacked and filled with security holes. Google urges users of this browser on Macs to fix a high-risk security flaw.

This security patch has been released by Google, not by Apple, which has already released a patch to fix the existing vulnerability in Safari’s WebKit. The company famous for which we all use its search engine has released an important update if you use its own browser on Mac. We have this new version, 112.0.5615.121, released not only for Mac, we also have it for Windows and Linux. So it is not an update that affects only Apple. But it is true that since the devices are more difficult to attack, the fact that there is a vulnerability attracts the most competitive to seek to enter.

Google has labeled the vulnerability as high risk and urges all users to update to that new version. The update includes two security fixes, one of which is reported as a type confusion bug in V8 discovered by Google’s Threat Analysis Group on April 11. Google says it is aware that the vulnerability has already been used and exploited, although he has not provided specific details.

What the company has not reported either, as usual, is in What is that vulnerability? We therefore do not know what the threat consists of. But digging a little into the patch we assume that it will not take long for someone to know what we have been up against.

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