Images of the future Moto Razr with a prominent external screen are filtered

In addition to Samsung, Motorola is another of the companies that is making a relatively strong commitment to folding smartphones, those devices that some point to as the future of the industry while they continue to cast doubts about their resistance, and not precisely in the face of the JerryRigEverything tests, but presumably with a use normal. Despite the doubts they generate, smartphone sales were on the rise in 2022 and everything points to the fact that we will see future smartphone models. motorcycle razr.

The well-known leaker Evan Blass has published what would become images of the future Motorola Moto Razr, which will use, like other models already on the market, a clamshell arrangement, so the device should have fewer problems to fit into the trouser pocket of the average person.

About the alleged future Razr Motor, what stands out is a rather prominent outer screen that could give access to a myriad of functions. In this way, and assuming that what we are going to say next is what will be implemented, users could do things like send messages, perform various actions based on notifications and initiate calls without having to open the terminal.

Because it is the external display of device, His thing is that it is made of rigid glass and is protected by some version of Corning’s Gorilla Glass technology, because seeing the apparent flimsiness that folding screens still show, we would be facing a mobile device that would easily break if it was something tight in a pocket, and that’s without counting friction with elements like keys. Just plain scary just thinking about it.

Going back to what really concerns us, the images leaked by Evan Blass, also highlights the user interface projected through the external screen of the possible future Moto Razr. Here it seems that Motorola is working so that is fully adapted to the screen size, so we assume that elements such as text and images will appear properly placed and on your site. On the other hand, notifications seem to work the same as on any “traditional” Android smartphone.

For now, there are not many details of the future Motor Razr, which is expected to see the light during the course of this year 2023. The situation gets a little more complicated if we see that Motorola, at least for now, does not have any event scheduled to show products.

NOTICE: The cover image does not correspond to the alleged leaked device.

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