Imaweb buys Danish remarketing company, Carswip

The software company for Automotive industryImaweb, has managed to establish itself in the Nordic countries with the purchase of the digital solutions company carswip.

Carswip is a Danish software company that offers a remarketing solution for the automotive sector. Founded in 2017, the company has grown rapidly and its solution is deployed in more than 12 countries around the world, with an especially strong presence in the Scandinavian countries. With this product, Imaweb improves its current offer by combining the most effective features of the main remarketing solutions.

“We are very happy to join the Imaweb group today, this will allow us to distribute our solution more widely and faster in the European markets. The integration of Carswip into the Imaweb universe of solutions will offer us many more synergies, while allowing Imaweb to accelerate its development in the Northern European markets.”has assured Kim Jeppesen, CEO of Carswip.

Imaging Solution

Carswip is a fully SaaS imaging solution that uses Artificial Intelligence to automate the entire photo capture processimprove their quality, integrate them into the client’s information system (IS) and publish them on various online distribution platforms.

“What attracted us to Carswip was the possibility of offering our clients a solution that combines very advanced image processing features with ease of deployment that will allow us to offer this solution not only in the markets where we are already present, but also also in many others, this will make it easier for us to speed up our international development in Europe and beyond.”added Julian Ciccalè, CEO of Imaweb.

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“We have been impressed by the quality of the Carswip team and are looking forward to our journey with them”added Jean-Louis Baffier, CRO of Imaweb.

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