Initiatives for women seeking a career in technology

Projects that seek to increase diversity in technology careers are open for applications throughout Brazil. Most of the initiatives focus on women who want to start a career in this market.

By 2025, almost 800,000 new jobs for technology professionals should be created in the country, according to an updated projection by the Association of Information and Communication Technology Companies (Brasscom). However, the same projection indicates that 67% of these vacancies, more than half a million, may not be filled due to lack of qualified professionals.

Despite the shortage of professionals in the IT field, the presence of women is still low. According to a survey conducted by PretaLab and Thoughtworks, they represent only 30% of workers in the sector.

Check out the initiatives.

1) Mendix in Practice is free online low-code training for women

Mendix in Practice takes place from March 28 to April 1. Developed by TrueChange, a pioneer company in Low-Code in Brazil, the training is focused on employability, is free and 100% online, with live classes via Google Meet or Discord group, where software development is taught using the platform Low Code.

With a duration of 5 days, the workload is 3 hours. To participate, the candidate must have good knowledge of programming logic and database. After registering on the TrueChange, an email will be sent with the application confirmation and information about the classes. At the end of the course, the participant receives a certificate of completion.

“Mendix in practice has classes throughout the year with openings for men and women. But in March, we left a space for them, allowing the opportunity for career migration and employability”, highlights Tiago Farias, Co-CEo of TrueChange”.

2) Protagoniza Aí offers 50 postgraduate scholarships and 50 undergraduate scholarships

The Cia Group. de Talentos, in partnership with Descomplica Faculdade Digital, offers 50 graduate scholarships and 50 undergraduate scholarships to people who identify as women and want to work in the technology field. The project is called Stars There – Women in Tech and has the support of companies that are engaged with the theme of diversity.

Scholarships are 100% free with a professional development track. The trail will consist of: online development journeys, lectures and online conversation circles about careers and selection processes and a forum for exchanging experiences and networking.

Applications are until 11/04. There is also a selection phase involving online tests. As a prerequisite for the undergraduate scholarships, you must attend one of the Descomplica centers once a semester.

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