UNICEF Blue Gift, the best corporate gift for this Christmas

It seems incredible that 2021 is coming to an end. Many of us look at the calendar in amazement, realizing that, in a few months, it will be two years since the nightmare of the pandemic began. To this day, we can say that the river is returning, little by little, to its course. For some it will never be the same, for others, it will be the continuity of their life, which stopped in March 2020.

In any case, Christmas has never lost its essence, and it is still a time of peace, harmony and generosity. Like every year, UNICEF wants to remind companies that many children are expecting, at this time, your Blue Gift.

UNICEF Blue Gift is a donation in the form of products necessary for children who do not have access to the most basic measures of hygiene, health or nutrition. Is it a gift available for individuals and companies. You just have to choose between the supplies that you will find on the Blue Gift website and that UNICEF will send where it is most needed and add a personalized card, in which you can tell employees, clients and suppliers the donation you have made on their behalf. .

Steps to follow to choose a Blue Gift

Companies that want to help the most disadvantaged children can purchase a Blue Gift this Christmas by accessing and following these simple steps:

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  1. Choose a product, for example: notebooks and pencils, therapeutic food, vaccines, water purification tablets or maternity kits. In you will find the prices and information of the products.
  2. Choose a card and personalize it. In it you can tell everyone who has been by your side this year about the beautiful gesture you have made on their behalf. You can choose if you want to send them a postcard or digital card and send it to clients, partners or employees.

UNICEF will send the products you have donated, there where they are most needed.

Another of the great advantages of the Blue Gift is that, in addition to doing great solidarity work, you can deduct it in the next income statement, since it is a donation. Keep in mind that physical cards are not considered as such. UNICEF is in charge of sending you the certificate so that you can present it to the Treasury.

This year we have realized that we are stronger than we think and that, together, we can overcome any adversity. Do not forget to thank you that your business continues and you are in good health. Improving the lives of children around the world is in your hands this Christmas and UNICEF wants to make it easy for you with Blue Gift.

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