Intel dispels doubts about the launch of its graphics cards

Again we have to talk about Intel graphics cards and their non-release. And it is that Intel has had to make a publication on its official blog to clarify the situation of the ARC Alchemist. Specifically, they have provided information regarding its release, custom versions and the current situation with the graphics driver. Let’s see what Intel’s statements say.

The launch of the Intel ARC Alchemist is confusing to say the least. Since we are faced a launch that has only been given in certain markets and on specific models. At the same time we havel driver deployment problem. The general feeling? They are growing dwarfs and that is why they have had to go out and clarify the situation with their first generation of graphics cards.

Specifically, there are two issues that needed an answer. The first of them has to do with the development of drivers and the second with the launch of graphics cards. Both in its version for laptops and in the form of classic graphics cards. And it is that the hardware is already completely finished and, therefore, the ball is in the development of the graphics drivers. One of the most important and at the same time most undervalued points in a graphics card. And it is that a bad driver can give you less FPS and thus make you lose the war against your rival.

Intel’s Lisa Pearce Clarifies ARC Alchemist Situation

Through a publication on the Intel website, Lisa Pearce, Vice President of the graphics division of AMD, has clarified what the situation is regarding the release of the ARC Alchemist. The first thing we have been able to know is that they will continue with the staggered launch of their architecture. Intel’s partners are Lenovo, Acer, HP, and ASUS, who already have laptops on the off-ramp with Intel ARC 3 graphics and are expected to introduce and launch ARC 5 and ARC 7 laptops this summer. At the moment the preference is for assemblers and OEM manufacturers.

And what about the versions in the form of a graphics card? Well, Pearce says that because we will see custom versions from different manufacturers. Although Intel and its partners have yet to certify such models. If we read between the lines, this means that outside of the design presented by Intel for this summer neither ARC cards will come out from ASUS; GIGABYTE and other manufacturers. The cherry of the cake? It is confirmed that the first ARC Alchemist graphics cards will only be seen in pre-built systems and only for China for then a worldwide launch, which will coincide with the launch of the ARC 5 and 7.

As for the driver issue, Intel wants to add a number of improvementsincluding a custom graphics memory management system. We do not know at the moment what they mean by it. We may be talking about the built-in ability to manipulate the speed of the GDDR6 VRAM. Although this is rather a speculation on our part. The reality is that Intel has given itself some time until summer, and, therefore, until the end of June for the launch of its first graphics cards.

All this represents a delay of several months compared to the launch date announced on March 30. We hope that the improvement in the driver will improve the performance of the ARC Alchemist.

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