Investing your money online: what are the advantages of Mon Petit Placement?

Rather than leaving your money to sleep in low-paying accounts, Mon Petit Placement helps you invest it simply. Above all, Lyon’s fintech is capable of obtaining very good potential returns, up to 12% per year for the most offensive profiles.

When it comes to investing your money and making it grow, there are several options available to you. The most obvious is to consult your bank and entrust your savings to them. But performance can be disappointing, and weighed down by expensive costs. You can then instead turn to innovative solutions, whose main mission is to find the right investments in which to invest. This is what Mon Petit Placement offers, the Lyon startup that allows individuals to simply invest their savings.

Whether you are new or experienced in finance, this 100% digital service has the advantage of offering high-performance investments that adapt to your investor profile. Above all, everything happens directly on the Mon Petit Placement site. Thus, no need to go to an agency or send paperwork. This ease of use and the level of personalized support are what sets Mon Petit Placement apart from other investment solutions. Especially since thanks to the code NUM30, the platform saves you 30% on the costs of the first year.

Invest your money without having to leave your sofa

The great advantage of Mon Petit Placement is the simplicity with which you can subscribe to its service and thus get advice. All the procedures are done directly on the fintech site. To determine your financial knowledge and establish your investor profile, Mon Petit Placement will ask you a series of questions.

It only takes about ten minutes watch in hand to define your profile. You do not need to leave your computer or smartphone to complete registration, and even less to go to a branch or call a call center. Within 24 hours, you will then receive an investment strategy tailored to your profile. This is not set in stone, since it is possible to modify it before validating.

Finally, Mon Petit Placement is accessible from a first payment of 300 euros. Enough to invest at your own pace, without having to empty all your bank accounts.

Up to 12% potential return

As a platform specializing in investment, Mon Petit Placement offers investments adapted to all profiles. Depending on your risk appetite and your goals, fintech has several investment portfolios to submit to you. The observed potential returns of these vary between 3 and 12% per year on average. As a reminder, the livret A only offers remuneration set at 0.5% per year.

The different investor profiles logically offer different performances

Behind these high returns are in fact life insurance. This well-known financial investment allows you to invest your money in different types of products. At Mon Petit Placement, they come directly from big names in finance like JPMorgan or Rothschild, and the platform is backed by solid partners like Generali. Your financial investments thus benefit from the expertise of these premium establishments. Be careful, however, the more offensive your profile, the more risks you expose yourself to.

A tailor-made investment

Of course, some investors prefer to aim for lower returns in order to reduce risk exposure. It is for this reason that Mon Petit Placement asks you a number of questions during registration. They allow you to establish your investor profile, so that the startup can offer you an investment suited to your profile.

And if you have any questions, the fintech experts are responsive and available by phone or via the chat integrated into the platform.

Here are all the thematic portfolios in which you can optionally invest

The company also offers, as an option, investment portfolios that allow you to support causes that are close to your heart. It is thus possible to invest your money in several areas, such as climate, health or even solidarity.

30% reduction on your fees

How does Mon Petit Placement earn money with your investments? The fintech is remunerated by performance. That is to say, it only charges a commission if your investment is performing. In other words, if no gain is recorded, Mon Petit Placement will not charge you any fees.

However, savings can be made on these costs. Indeed, by registering with the code NUM30, you can benefit from a 30% discount on the fees charged by Mon Petit Placement for the first year.

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