iPhone: iOS 15.4 update ruins battery life

The iOS 15.4 update causes a decrease in the autonomy of some iPhones. According to testimonials, installing the firmware has a negative impact on the battery of Apple smartphones.

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A few days ago, Apple started rolling out the iOS 15.4 update to all compatible iPhones. This new version of the operating system includes several major new features, such as better compatibility with the DualSense controller, 37 new emojis and the possibility of installing updates with mobile data. Above all, the update allows you to unlock the iPhone with Face ID even if your face is covered by a sanitary mask.

Unfortunately, the update also comes withreduced battery life on some iPhones. According to the testimonials of some users on Twitter, installing the firmware has severely reduced the endurance of their device.

iOS 15.4 is accused of draining the battery of iPhones: why not to panic

Battery life on iOS 15.4 is really bad. After 24 hours I lost 80%, but the screen was active no more than 2 hours and I only use Safari, YouTube, Instagram, Uber”, testifies a user. Another asserts that “my phone is stuck charging at 95% or 97% then when i unplug it it will show 100% maybe 5 mins later or after a reboot then quickly drain”.

One could assume that the decrease in autonomy is linked to 120 Hz screen activation iPhone 13 Pros. Apple has indeed activated the high refresh rate on social network applications, such as Twitter or Instagram. Until now, these apps were limited to 60 Hz, which consumes less energy. However, it should be noted that many older iPhone users (iPhone 11, iPhone 12…), who do not have a 120 Hz screen, are also affected.

It is not uncommon for the installation of an iOS update to cause a sharp drop in the autonomy of some iPhones. In recent times, each operating system update has come with a series of complaints. However, it is abouta completely normal phenomenonand, most of the time, temporary.

Indeed, the installation of an update activates a series of tasks in the background. These various tasks, such as battery calibration, drain battery life. It only takes a few days for the calibration to be completed and everything to be back to normal. Nevertheless, Apple is never slow to offer a patch to resolve a possible failure.

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