IPTV: the war in Ukraine could lead to an immediate blocking of platforms

IPTV users have to worry about sanctions against Russia. If the European threat to cut off the Internet in the country is carried out, several streams and networks from the country will no longer reach France, cutting off access to many services and channels in the process.

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As more and more companies announce their departure from the Russian market, the country is more isolated than ever. Beyond the difficult context, these decisions are not trivial. Following the various measures of video game players, the sector could lose up to 2.5 billion euros. And this is not the only consequence that these various boycotts could generate.

Indeed, Europe has been looming for several days now with the threat of cutting off the Internet to Russia – a threat that the country has not been asked to brandish in return. Aside from the huge impact this could have on global traffic if it were enforced, several sites and services would also become completely inaccessible. Among them are a number of IPTV platforms.

Several IPTV services soon unavailable?

“There are a number of networks that are departing from Russia”explains a source from the SudInfo site. “If there is a blockage of all Internet streams, networks could be blocked and IPTV users could no longer have access to their channels. If European countries decide to block everything from Russia, one of the main Russian IPTV networks “I Play” could be affected”.

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And the latter would be far from being the only one. In Belgium alone, it would thus be between 40,000 and 50,000 users who would be impacted by this measure. Suffice to say that this problem is not likely to shake the authorities, given the strong repression that the sector has suffered in recent years. For now, this is all just speculation. But the situation is one to watch closely for all those who regularly use services installed in Russia.

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