The best premieres to watch this weekend on Netflix, HBO Max, Amazon and Disney+

Cover of the documentary Stan Lee

If you were making the plan for the weekend, you need to know what new movies or series are going to be available to you. And you will be able to discover that now with our weekly selection of the premieres what we consider more interesting on Netflix, HBO Max, Amazon and Disney+. Take note.

What to watch on Netflix

With the promotion that they are giving it and the visit of its protagonist in Spain, it is strange that you have not found out about its premiere today. Even so, we remind you (just in case it has caught you off guard) that it opens today Tyler Rake 2. This sequel returns to have Chris Hemsworth as the protagonist in a new suicide mission as a mercenary consisting of rescuing a gangster’s family from the prison where he is.

The best premiere on HBO Max

What a week the HBO Max service has given us. As we already told you, the platform has raised the price of its plan (one euro), something that we did not expect since next year it will become Max and there we will see an increase in the fee. At least it has been little (one euro) and 50% of his famous promotion is maintained forever.

If after the scare, you did not unsubscribe from HBO Max, know that this weekend you can see the three popular movies from Ocean’s Eleven, Ocean’s Twelve and Ocean’s Thirteen. You know the stuff of these movies: famous faces, a casino, and a clever grand heist. Easy entertainment to hang out. We leave you the trailer of the last one (perhaps the least known) so you can see it.

The controversy the idol It continues to run on the platform, obviously, and from Monday you have its second episode ready to enjoy. In case you don’t know what this series is about, it centers on the life of a young woman who aspires to be a singer at any cost. You still have time to get hooked.

What to watch on Amazon Prime Video

The Serie Quotes has lengthened its universe with Barcelona Dating, a new installment that once again takes place in Barcelona, ​​with a good number of familiar faces. The series thus narrates meetings between strangers on a first date and how little by little fears, secrets and expectations come into play. The best thing is that throughout the season, the characters mix and intertwine, intersecting some of the stories. It is already available with its 6 episodes on the service.

What to see on Disney+

We recently told you on video what our favorite Taschen books were and among them we included an XXL one dedicated to Stan Lee. Therefore, it will not surprise you that our favorite premiere of the week on Disney + is precisely the documentary Stan Lee, in which, quite accurately and entertainingly, they tell us about the works and miracles of one of the great fathers of the comic phenomenon. From the beginning of his interest in this format to his as director of Marvel Comics, going through the entire legacy that he has left us with his departure. A must for Marvel fans.

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