Nintendo Switch Sports credits hide this Easter Egg

Some days ago, Nintendo Switch Sports went on sale, a game that seeks to transport us back to the year 2006 playing with family and friends at Wii Sports. Many have already won the title this weekend – and they must be with some rather curious laces right now. In general, the game is meeting expectations quite well. Switch Sports has managed to maintain the essence of the original edition very well, and we know that it will give much more to talk about. During these first days, the Internet has been filled with details, tricks and curiosities about this game. One of the most interesting is a Very Curious Easter Egg which unlocks a permanent upgrade for the Nintendo Switch game.

Nintendo Switch Sports also has Easter Eggs

The Wii Sports not only was it a tremendously original game, but it was also full of secrets. Very simple details that you could discover little by little to temporarily customize the game a little. For example, by pressing certain buttons during loading screens, some changes were applied to the games (for example, playing with a blue tennis court).

It was clear that with SwitchSports, the thing would be similar. We still don’t know many Easter Eggs for this game, but the ones that have hit it this weekend already They have discovered a rather curious.

The trick has been discovered by the Twitter user @nintenmau5, and it’s in the title credits. As Nintendo Switch Sports is not a game with an ending, if we want to see the list of people who have worked on the title, we will have to access the credits manually. They are found within the game settings menu.

Once the credits begin, a small minigame in the lower right corner of the screen. Our character will be able to hit a tennis ball with the racket and the ball will bounce in the credits. This type of minigame is quite typical of Nintendo, and is very common in the Super Smash Bros. franchise. Well, to do this trick you will have to hit the ball 50 times in a rowwithout losing it. You will not need to count the hits, as you will have a marker on the screen.

What is unlocked with this Easter Egg?

Well, if you want to discover the surprise yourself, read no further from here and head straight to your Nintendo Switch for some backhands on the tennis ball.

If you prefer to know in advance what the cheat unlocks, no problem. If you have noticed, every time you play a sport against another character, a small title That defines his abilities a bit. You also have your own customizable title, and from time to time you will unlock words to be able to make a funny phrase or one that represents you.

Well, doing the minigame and getting 50 points, you will unlock one of those special titles. Obviously, you will not get any advantage, but it is still a fun detail for a video game that we are sure has many more hidden details.

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