Is your laptop slow? Fix it with these 1TB SSDs on sale

Goldenfir SATA 1TB

We wanted to look for SSD units at a very reasonable price, thinking of giving a second life to a portable video and even using them as an external hard drive. The first of the options that we have found is this low-priced Chinese SSD. Specifically, this unit Goldenfir SATA 1 TB costs 46.58 euroswhich represents a discount of 65%.

We must say that it is a super simple unit and the cheapest we have found. According to the manufacturer, this unit offers a read speed between 300-580 MB/s. According to the write speedit moves in the margin of the 350-550MB/s. There’s no specification of the drive’s lifetime in terabytes written, but come on, for this price.

This unit has a risk and that is that many users have found themselves when buying these SSDs that are really glued and soldered microSD memory cards.

Goldenfir SATA 1TB ssd

Kingston A400 960GB

Without a doubt, it is one of the best-known units on the market for its brutal quality/price ratio. The Kingston A400 are the best-selling SSDs on the market, selling by the shovelful. These units are not the fastest on the market and they are not the most stable either, but they are brutally priced.

The Kingston A400 unit we have chosen has a 960GB capacity. Note that these units have the characteristic of using second-range memories, so to speak. They are memories whose construction technology is between two and three generations behind that used in other units. What it allows is to offer economic units of good performance. This unit offers a 500MB/s read speed and one 450MB/s write speed.

Really, regardless of its use, it is a versatile unit for having good performance and a very low price.

Kingston A400 960GB

WD Green 1TB

We are now going with another of those manufacturers of storage units of a lifetime that has a huge catalog. Western Digital (aka WD) is a manufacturer known above all for its hard drives first and then for its SD memory cards. As usual, they also make good quality SSD drives at a fairly reasonable price.

They maintain the Green range in their storage units, which goes from HDD to SSD. This WD Green SSD is characterized by offering 1TB of storage capacity. This unit offers us a speed of read up to 545MB/s and a speed of write up to 500MB/s. For the rest, there is nothing relevant to say, since it is a simple SSD.

It is a high-quality storage drive that performs close to the maximum that SATA III can offer.

WD Green 1TB

Crucial MX500 1TB

It may not be as well known as the other two brands, but it is one of the most important SSD manufacturers. Crucial has going for it that it is the trademark of Micron, one of the largest memory manufacturers in the world. This allows Crucial drives to be priced hard for other manufacturers to achieve with great performance.

offers us this Crucial MX500 1TB a speed of read up to 560MB/s and a speed of write up to 510MB/s. This unit offers us high security AES-256 encryption to protect the information contained in our unit.

The great advantage of Crucial, is that by lacking “middlemen” in memory, you can adjust prices more and have a very good performing unit at a great price.

Crucial MX500 1TB

POSUGEAR 2.5″ Hard Drive Enclosure

If you are thinking of buying an external hard drive based on an SSD, forget it. External SSDs are great, due to their high transfer speeds, but they usually exceed 100 euros. You can have a solution that allows you great performance for significantly less money. With any of the units shown and this POSUGEAR External SSD Enclosureyou will have a high performance external hard drive for little money.

This external casing makes use of a USB 3.0 connector that allows speeds of 5 Gbps to be reached, which is equivalent to 600 MB/s. Then the speeds of transfer depend on many factors, but are usually of about 400 MB/s stable. We will be able to get a large part of the performance of the SSD unit that we are using as an external unit, not all of it, obviously.

It can be a great solution to mount an external SSD saving money or to take advantage of an old SSD or even a 2.5-inch HDD that we are going to stop using for whatever reason.

POSUGEAR 2.5 Hard Drive Enclosure

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