Kaspersky features to protect minors on the Internet

In one way or another, most of today’s computers have their own antivirus as a method of protection against possible attacks. This is something that is becoming especially important at the moment due to the widespread use we make of the internet. Among the many proposals of this type that we can use, one of the oldest and most popular is the one offered by Kaspersky.

Here we refer to a security company that will surely be very familiar to most of you. For several years, it has offered us a series of solutions for our equipment with different levels of protection depending on our needs. As with many others, Kaspersky renews its range of products from time to time to adapt to the needs of the moment.

Keep in mind that despite the fact that Windows offers us its own integrated antivirus, many users opt for using external solutions. It must be said that at the moment these are installed, Windows Defender is automatically deactivated. Among the packages that we can download and install right now to protect our computers with Kaspersky security solutions, the most advanced is Total Security. Here we find a security suite that offers us comprehensive protection for our PC.

And it is that in addition to the antivirus as such, Total Security It offers us a series of additional functions that will be very useful on many occasions. The feature we want to focus on in these lines serves as a clear example of all this. In case that we have minors at home who use the PC, Kaspersky offers us a series of protection functions especially dedicated to these, as we will see.

Kaspersky helps protect your children with the PC

The first thing we must take into consideration is that the little ones in the house are exposed to many dangers on the internet. Therefore, it is advisable to use some type of control and protection application or platform for them. This is something that Kaspersky Total Security offers us natively and that we can use and configure in a simple way.

It must be taken into account that this protection for minors it is integrated into the aforementioned suite of the security firm. In this sense we will have at our disposal several functions of interest such as the protection against unwanted contacts via social networks or messaging applications. In the same way, the function allows us to establish a series of filters to block certain content that we do not want minors to see on the internet.

kaspersky parental controls

Another integrated functionality that we will surely appreciate is the possibility of do not allow online purchases through stores and apps. Likewise, and with regard to control tasks, we will have the possibility of monitor the movements of minors on social networks even in the games that run on the computer. In this way, the whole set of characteristics allows us to prevent identity theft, unauthorized purchases, unwanted contacts or the display of adult content. This way we can feel safer while our children use the computer and the Internet. (

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