Kyndryl boasts of strategic alliances

A little over six months have passed since Kyndryl was born as an independent company. In this time, the activity of the infrastructure modernization service provider has been frenetic, especially when it comes to signing strategic alliances with the main technology companies in the market.

Those of you who regularly read us at MCPRO are probably already aware of the agreements that former IBMers have reached with companies such as Microsoft, AWS, Google Cloud, VMware, SAP or Dell, with which to offer companies everything they need in their digital transformation processes.

About the nature of these agreements and the vision that Kyndryl has in the medium and long term, we have had the opportunity to chat today with Noel Brave, director of cloud services and alliances of the technological multinational, who has summed up these six months of work by stating that “Kyndryl’s growth is precisely due to this policy of strategic alliances, increasing the scope of the services and solutions that we offer to our clients in the five areas where innovation occurs”. That is, cloud migration and management, mainframe modernization, workstation, data management and operations with artificial intelligence, ensuring security and business continuity, and network modernization.

In this work, the company has just announced, for example, that on May 4 and 5 Kyndryl will be Gold Sponsor of the AWS Summit Madrid 2022. Those attending the event will have first-hand access to sessions on innovation and business growth, technical sessions, demonstrations of AI and machine learning, and practical workshops. Louis Auused, CTO of Kyndryl Spain will also offer the presentation «Three decades of infrastructure experience with the leading cloud platform and what matters».

On the other hand, it is worth noting that in this policy of alliances, Kyndryl not only seeks large technology multinationals, but also collaborates with local companies in the main markets in which it works. In the case of Iberian, the Spanish company FlexibleIT, an expert in the implementation of hybrid workspaces, was one of the first to partner with Kyndryl, in a cooperation agreement to offer its customers the best experience when using virtual desktops.

In this approach, Noel Bravo has also explained that “our ecosystem of partners is the raw material for our R&D, so we are committed to continuing to innovate and co-create solutions to help our clients solve their IT infrastructure challenges and thereby accelerating their digital transformation.”

Finally, he highlighted how the birth of Kyndryl also represents a cultural change compared to the work that was done before at IBM, ensuring in this sense that clients no longer want to buy technology, but instead acquire solutions that can solve a specific problem and increase the value of their business…so all projects take multiple associated technologies…”there are no longer processes that depend on a single manufacturer” he concludes to finish off that this change has also meant “the passage from a model of rivalry to another much more interesting one, of association with the best”.

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