Latest macOS Monterey public beta lists

After yesterday Apple released version 5 of the macOS Monterey beta only available to developers for developers, today we have at our disposal what is the latest public beta of this new operating system. For all those who are enrolled in the beta tester program the update is available vis OTA. You can also download it for free from Apple’s beta website if you are not already running the beta.

Yesterday, Apple released version 5 of the beta to the world, available only for macOS Monterey developers. At the moment we do not know that it has incorporated anything new and when we say nothing it is not even the functionality glimpsed for a moment in version 4. We are talking about the universal control mode that we also do not see in this new release for all registered users.

What we do see are the new functions of Safari, new and controversial as we have already explained to you on several occasions. It seems that many users do not like the way to manage tabs, among other new things. What seems to be a consensus is in the Shortcuts application finally coming to Macs. Also in the new FaceTimey SharePlay function in the new Focus mode. Special mention deserve the applications or functions of Quick Notes and AirPlay for Mac.

The fact is that the one it may be the ‘latest public beta version we already have it in our hands. The following is almost the final version and we are already entering the last quarter. A quarter that is coming with many new features.

Remember that as we always say, It is not advisable to install these betas on main computers because of what may happen. The public betas are very studied but that does not mean that there could be some setback that leaves us the device as a beautiful and very expensive paperweight.

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