LEGO Wants All Your Money With This PAC-MAN Arcade Machine – It’s Cool!

LEGO recreational PAC-MAN

We know that LEGO news is tremendously dangerous for your pocket, but this latest release from the brand of blocks was impossible to avoid. If you promised not to buy a new set again, we’re sorry to tell you that you’re going to have to break your promise to get this one. arcade machine Inspired by the original PAC-MAN from the 80s.

A LEGO arcade

LEGO recreational PAC-MAN

In yet another exercise of incredible designs, LEGO surprises us once again with the launch of this spectacular set (Set #10323), a construction that imitates the design of the mythical arcade from the 80s that slipped into thousands of game rooms around the world. PAC MANor Pacifier as it was also known, offered us a maze in which the protagonist had to devour all the points that appeared on the screen, avoiding contact with any of the four ghosts that roamed the corridors at all times.

It is one of the great games that define the history of video games, so how could it be otherwise, it must also have been represented in LEGO format. And what a tribute.

not playable

LEGO recreational PAC-MAN

On the official website they emphasize on several occasions that the set is not playable. I mean, don’t expect to play a game of PAC-MAN with her. And it is that, although LEGO engineers and the most enthusiastic users are capable of anything, giving life to a 100% playable PAC-MAN is an impossible challenge.

What they have achieved is to offer mobility to parts so that it appears that the panel is moving, but it is still a limited movement without much more sense. Even so, the result is incredible, and as always there will be some hidden secrets and details to discover that you will discover as you assemble the set.

The back cover of the machine can be opened to reveal the complex movement mechanism of the set, so you can see how the pieces move with such ease. Also included is a block with LED light which will illuminate a transparent cover that imitates the slot for inserting coins, an element impossible to forget from the machines of the past.

LEGO recreational PAC-MAN

Finally, as a hidden Easter Egg, a small recreation of a miniature arcade will be hidden inside the machine where you can find a character and a small arcade machine as a mini diorama.

price and release

The new LEGO PAC-MAN Machine set will have an official price of €269.99, and it will be available from June 4, so we will still have to wait a few weeks to be able to get hold of it. As always, those users who are part of the LEGO VIP club will be able to get the set a few days before, being able to buy it on June 1.

Fountain: LEGO

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