Liquid Metal will say its final goodbye in the new PS5 model

It is completely normal for console manufacturers to review the hardware of their systems from time to time. The fact that the life cycle of these products is longer allows them to optimize issues such as costs, the internal temperature of the components and energy consumption. This is something that SONY has us used to since the original PlayStation. Well, the model PS5-1300 It will appear this year and it could be the end for one of the terrors of console users, the liquid metal.

One of the things that most scares users of the SONY PlayStation 5, as well as potential buyers, is the subject of liquid metal. A solution that was added at the last minute by the manufacturer in order to overclock the main processor of the console. Luckily, its internal design is designed to place the console vertically and that the entire encapsulation is hermetically sealed. Of course, things don’t always go well and as with any product, there is always a very small percentage of the production that can turn out to be defective in this regard. Well, the PS5-1300 model that could see the light of day this year would say goodbye to this problem.

SONY will stop using liquid metal in the PS5-1300

For a long time, information has been sounding far away that we will have a revision of the PS5 hardware, the fourth since the launch of the original console, and what little we know is that SONY is going to do without the internal reader, unifying both models and converting to the Blu Ray drive in an external reader. Which we hope is available to those who have purchased the Digital Edition all this time.

PS5 Liquid Metal

It is also said that this year’s model could receive an industrial redesign and be the expected PS5 Slim, in which case, it would not carry the model number PS5-1300, but that of PS5-2000 or even PS5-10000. However, we do not know if they will launch an aesthetically different version, which will mean the redesign of the motherboard and with it the entire internal cooling system. Let’s not forget that all this would be accompanied by a new revision of the AMD chip exclusive to the console, which would have been further optimized in terms of energy consumption and temperature.

All this would mean a reduction in the cooling system necessary for the console. So SONY could perfectly well launch a version that is not only thinner, but one that completely dispenses with the use of liquid metal once and for all. In any case, we do not see it as something remote, since the current PS5-1200 that is in stores uses the Oberon Plus chip, a version of the chip at 6 nm instead of the 7 nm of the original, and , therefore, trimmed in size. We are probably wrong, but we do not see the Japanese company using a 5nm version of the PS5 chip. Due to its external bus it cannot be reduced much more and the cost of the chip would not compensate.

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