Logitech Launches Logi Bolt Wireless Technology, Designed for Business

Logitech has launched its Logi Bolt wireless technology, developed to be safe and provide high performance to companies, its main recipients. With this step, the company expands its portfolio of products and services for companies, and goes on to offer individual job configuration solutions. Thus, they join the videoconferencing technologies for meeting rooms that Logitech already has in its portfolio.

With this measure, Logitech aims to meet the needs of companies in terms of technology, which are constantly changing and which currently offer facilities for hybrid work and global connectivity. Everything to offer a better work experience to your employees.

Logi Bolt responds to a part of the needs of companies in terms of connectivity, since it offers a robust wireless signal and cross-platform compatibility for mice and keyboards.

In terms of security, Logi Bolt, designed to overcome the difficulties that may arise whether you work in the office or remotely, has a secure level of wireless connectivity for Logitech mice and keyboards with Bluetooth Low Energy Security Mode 1 Level 4 when paired with a USB receiver equipped with this technology. This level of security is also known as Secure Connections Only Mode.

USB Logi Bolt receivers also allow you to set strong and reliable connections up to 10 meters away, a space in which they will not suffer signal drops either. Also not when they are in congested wireless environments. Thanks to this technology, they will also enjoy latency up to eight times lower than that achieved with other wireless connection technologies already used in business environments characterized by congestion of connected devices.

Logi Bolt technology also allows devices equipped with it to be more compatible than those of most other brands. Its connections are reliable and work with almost all operating systems and platforms: Windows, MacOS, iOS, iPadOS, Linux, Chrome OS and Android. Users can connect via Logi Bolt USB receivers when security and signal strength are crucial. They can also do this using the Bluetooth Low Energy wireless technology installed on the host computer. This gives IT managers the flexibility to deploy IT-enabled keyboards and mice across all platforms and systems.

According Joseph Mingori, CEO of B2B Business for Creativity and Productivity at Logitech, «For decades, consumers have trusted Logitech to deliver products that help them create, communicate, work and learn at home and on the go. We are now looking to extend that expertise to companies and deliver a stellar experience to employees as their needs evolve in a rapidly changing landscape.«.

Logitech launches Logi Bolt wireless technology, aimed at businesses

Mingori also notes that the company has redefined its business offering “to support individual job setup solutions on a global scale, as we launched our new wireless technology solution, Logi Bolt, which enables secure and robust connections to meet today’s evolving business needs. These offerings prioritize business IT needs to keep your workforce productive, collaborative, and secure no matter where you work from.«.

Logitech devices with Logi Bolt technology are available now, and can be reserved through Logitech resellers around the world.

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