Make your PC look like a Commodore 64 with this case

There are computer cases for all tastes. From the monsters gaming to whatever Asus wanted to do with its Vento model spawn. And of all the options, the most elegant, without a doubt, is this one that makes your PC identical to a Commodore 64.

And when we say identical, we mean identical.

The My64 case from My retro computer

To get it, if you have just over 160 euros (plus imports and VAT thanks to Brexit, because you will bring it from England), you can buy the My64 case from the brand My Retro Computer.

As you can see in the image that illustrates the article, your computer will be exactly like a legendary Commodore 64, but you can connect your monitor by HDMI and your mouse by USB. In addition to enjoying a much greater power than the old C64.

Of course, the chassis is beautiful, it has a great quality of materials and will make lovers of retro and technology salivate, because it really is the same. Nevertheless, you will have to take into account a few things.

The advantages and disadvantages of the My64 case

The main advantage is obvious, this case looks like a real computer and not some kind of thermomix (ok, I won’t say more about the Asus Vento).

Besides the nostalgia factor cool, you will also have a built-in excellent mechanical keyboard with original switches cherry. Of course, they are blue, so get ready for a very loud click like in the 80s, which you will love while making those around you despair (all advantages, as you can see). The famous vertical button row to the right of the machine, by the way, can be programmed as a shortcut to whatever you want.

In the same way, it has all the necessary holes for ventilation, SD card and even DVD bay if it is your roll, in addition to being robust and spectacular.

However, you can still imagine the main disadvantage. You can mount a current computer inside it, but not just any computer.

For that, you will be restricted to Mini-ITX type motherboardsalthough you can put a Raspberry Pi in it, as you see in this video.

You will also have to take into account the power supply and the fan that you put, which will have to be 40 mm. Refrigeration will be an important point to consider. You have to sacrifice space to show off and that can raise the temperature in according to what processor configurations.

Conclusion? Your team gaming it does not fit there and it is better not to insist.

As you can see, keyboard height is important, so long writing sessions will be noticed on the wrist if you do not adjust the height of the arms or put some support.

Also say that the same company sells a similar case, in the image of the predecessor of the Commodore 64, the legendary Vic 20. We didn’t see many of those here, but it laid the foundation for one of the most historic machines.

So, if you now want your PC to be more stylish than ever, and to be the envy of your friends, with the My64 case you can.

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