Man beats 2-year-old girl to death for wearing her shoes wrong and will spend the rest of her days in prison

Jadin Nunez, a 27-year-old man hit a two year old girl old to kill her for being placed in the wrong foot your shoes in Texas, United States. The victim’s name Shannah mcalpine She was the daughter of the murderer’s girlfriend and was found full of bruises on her body.

Prosecutors in the case reported that they found shannah unconscious and beaten on her body when they were notified of the case. The girl lived with her mother Ashley Marie McAlpine and apparently with his killer.

The girl was going to celebrate her birthday

According to the investigations, Jadin and Shannah were preparing to go out to a store to buy the birthday party supplies of the infant. When the minor tried to put on her shoes, she made a mistake by putting them on the wrong feet, so when she realized it, Jadin began to hit her giving punching especially in the stomach of Shannah.

The girl’s mother, Ashley, said she called 911 when she found her daughter with him. hot and bloated stomach. To soothe Shannah’s pain, her mother took her in to bathe to also refresh her, but the girl couldn’t stand and began to have trouble breathing.

After receiving the blows, Shannah finally lost her life that same day due to a blunt trauma to the stomach, according to his autopsy revealed by the New York Post.

They catch the murderer of the girl and give him life imprisonment

The events took place in September 2019 and two days later Jadin was arrested. Nunez received a conviction where he passedhe will spend the rest of his days locked up in prison, while Ashley Marie McAlpine he still faces criminal proceedings.

The girl’s mother was accused of hurting a child since the prosecutors indicated that he couldn’t stop Nunez from hitting his daughter until causing death. This Friday, October 29, Ashley Marie McAlpine will appear before the Court to resolve her legal situation.

With information from NY Post.


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