Maria Angelidou-Smith is the new director of product and technology at Personio

Maria Angelidou-Smith is the new product and technology manager (Chief Product and Technology Officer- CPTO) of Personio. The company specializing in HR software for small and medium-sized companies has announced this new position that combines leadership of all product, design and technology functions.

“At Personio, our main mission is to help our clients find the most comfortable and efficient working method, an essential task, especially in these times of economic uncertainty”, comments Hanno Renner, co-founder and CEO of Personio.

“To further the positive impact we can have on our customers through technology, we are delighted to welcome Maria as Personio’s director of product and technology. Maria brings with her a great professional record of leading and building strong teams in growth environments, and building products valued by many people globally. I am delighted to welcome him to the team as we focus on delivering greater value to our customers and helping them do more with less.”.

Angelidou-Smith joins Personio from goalwhere was general director of communities, leading and scaling multiple global markets with Facebook groups, events, appointments and some functional products like search and profile. During her tenure at Meta, Angelidou-Smith was also Vice President of Product and Head of Monetization for Facebook, launching and scaling innovative and highly successful monetization products that brought in revenue in the billions.

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For her part, Maria Angelidou-Smith, Personio’s new CPTO, highlights: “Personio leads with an inspiring and ambitious mission to build the people operating system. This unique system for employee information allows small and medium-sized businesses to be strategic about their people, the greatest asset and success factor for any organization. I am delighted to join Hanno’s team in driving Personio to the next level through rapid growth. When I think about how organizations manage and develop talent today, and how much the right systems and tools can enable them to drive business results, I can’t help but be excited about all the innovation and impact we can bring to this important space”.

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As of November 22, Angelidou-Smith will work alongside Hanno Renner. Personio co-founders Roman Schumacher (formerly CPO) and Arseniy Vershinin (formerly CTO) will remain at Personio and change roles. Vershinin will become chief architect and lead technology projects, while Schumacher will move into a hands-on role focused on supporting company-wide initiatives related to product positioning and product architecture, in addition to continuing his role. as a member of Personio’s advisory board.

“I am excited about the arrival of María and I think she is the most suitable person to lead product, design and technology at Personio. Personally, I am looking forward to returning to a more conceptual role, following my passion for creating incredible experiences for our clients.”says Roman Schumacher, co-founder and former CPO of Personio.

Personio has recently made other product and engineering leadership hires and launched new customer services such as Conversations and Custom Workflows. All of this follows Personio’s strategy of carrying out continued investments in the customer-facing elements of the business following its Series E funding round in June.

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